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In my opinion if a shirt is is good condition (ie no wear of discoloration) and you would continue to wear it if correctly fitted, the alteration is a good investment as the shirt can be fixed more economically than it can be replaced. A cleaner that also does alterations [b]should[b] be able to carry outthis relatively simple process, however it is still a good idea to do a test run with a shirt you would not regret losing if the results are poor.
There is a tailor on N. Broadway in Lakeview that I have used several times. He is in the same building as Apartment People. His name is Addia od Adia or something. Any OTR that needs more then minor attention, I take to him. Easy stuff like hems and waists goes to the dry cleaner.
Has anyone heard of tucking the narrow end of the tie into one's shirt between the two nearest buttons? I have not done it because I typically do not wear a tee under my shirts, but I have heard of this being done.
Also v-neck sweaters over a tee, or an OCBD. I get hot easily so I go for merino or cotton/cashmere blends even for cold winter days here in Chicago (Plus they layer better). If you tend to get cold more easily, go for lambswool or cashmere. Cardigans are very fashionable right now, but I think v-necks are more stylish in the long run.
Jeans are a staple of the university wardrobe, but consider casual pants in mateials other than denim. Chinos are classic, but some people not like the look. If you will be attending a university located in an area with a multiseason climate try pinwale cords in autumn/winter and narrow seersucker in spring/summer. Cut and detail will dictate the degree of informality, but styled like jeans these pants in these materials will elevate your look without seeming like you...
Is that their main location at 900 N. Michigan, or an outlet at some other location? Thanks.
hitachino nest beer
Portuguese Vino Verde, light, refreshing, under $10, and just a hint of bubbles.
3 Suits 7 Odd jackets 16 Pairs of shoes 6 Pocket squares 25? Ties
Name five clothing/accessory rules you follow. 1. NO BLACK SUITS 2. Clean, polished shoes 3. matched metal tone on accessories 4. matched leather tone on shoes/accessories 5. season appropriate items (although I do like a colorful shirt to brighten a dreary winter day) Name your five clothing/sartorial dislikes. 1. BLACK SUITS 2. Seeing the sheeple in bad clothes/shoes 3. Double breasted suits/coats (don't mind them on others but they make me look too...
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