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If you are interested in absinthe the name you need to know is Ted Breaux (sp?), an American scientist from New Orleans who became obsessed with Absinthe ritual. When he got his hands on unopened bottles of pre-ban absinthe, he reverse engineered it determining it was just high abv, myth, and maybe a slight herbal stimulant. He began producing clones in France after the EU overruled some of the food & drug regulations of the individual nations. Eventually he formulated...
When drinking before class, I have never been drunk to the point that anyone noticed. A few times in grad. school I have felt like I had pushed the limits. It doesn't help that we have very small classes, and I am one of the more prolific talkers even when sober. In London, I had a 1.75L of 100 proof Absolut that I got going through duty free, and I would often mix it with Red Bull or fresh squeezed OJ from the cafeteria for my 9 o'clock class.
I have always liked the look of the more traditional of the PS shoes, and these are no exception. Whether they are made well enough to justify paying full retail is another question altogether. I may be jaded though, having just picked up a pair of RL Bentons by C&J for under $100 including tax. If you like them get them, you could do much worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade My Lobb gets bumpy when I rub it. I think they have something you can take to get rid of that problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon If you like it, go for it, although I'd get something like this instead: I bet tiffany would even be willing to put your own monogram on it.
Have you considered Belstaff?
As others have said it rally depends on your field. I kept all the books from classes in my major (history) and a few others I found particularly interesting (novels and anthologies from Lit. and texts for Art History). Being in grad. school a few have come in handy. Even the American History textbooks, which are mostly useless civics propaganda, are good for the occasional map.
A few more I have been meaning to try are Three Floyds Dark Lord Imperial Stout (which also comes in several aged variations) and Kate The Great-Russian Imperial Stout from Portsmouth Brewery. Anyone had these yet?
+1 for Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, it is one of my favorites (this years batch should be arriving in bottles very soon) also Dogfish Head World Wide Stout and Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and although it is not a stout Capital City Baltic Porter All are very rich, and incidentally very high in alcohol. I like them chilled just below room temperature.
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