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I have gotten a similar reaction when asking whether iced tea is brewed. The worst is when the server responds that it is powder/fountain, and you choose something else only to get attitude for not wanting their crappy processed beverages.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoesies It's a closed-fly trench Sounds like a Mac, not a trench. The true Burberry trench (double breasted w/ military detailing) is an iconic piece. Personally I prefer the single breasted look of the Mac. I have recently seem a number of ancient and well loved Burberry trenches while thrifting. If the quality has not fallen off too much, one should last a lifetime.
Used to wear boxers or scrubs, but a couple years ago the GF bought me a couple pairs of RL Polo at the discount stores. The patterns I have are all neutral stripes on blue. The pants are not sewn with a cuff, but I usually roll them, as they are a little long. The tops came as a set with the bottoms, and are enormous, so I usually just wear a cotton tee. Sometimes the GF uses the tops as a nightgown. Pretty sexy! I pretty much get into them when I get home from...
Will you be working for NASA
I must have a pair of rugged boots before foul weather sets in. With my budget, and the toll Chicago winters take on my footwear I am considering either JCrew Redwings or the Dr. Martens that are once again being made in England. If JCrew does not have a good discount code soon it will be the Docs. Otherwise: -Odd city trou. (only have two for cold weather and one is verging on crotch blowout) -Jean-cut pinwale cords (current cords are trou. cut) -silk squares...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Well, the latest "Vesper" martini is gin AND vodka, with lillet blanc. I object to the use of Gordon's - seems too declasse. The Vesper is straight out of Fleming's Casino Royale.
Stripes work in different scales, plus it sounds like your suit could essentially be treated as a solid, but as it has been mentioned so many times before, if you are not feeling good about a combination it is more difficult to pull off. Maybe dots?
As an underemployed grad. student, I could wear dirty pajamas if I wanted, but I discovered a long time ago that there is a direct relation between how I dress, how I feel about myself, and my productivity level. Generally for kicking around the neighborhood, or going to class I wear jeans, an odd jacket, nice leather shoes or boots, and a shirt (anything from a tee to a dress shirt). If I wear chinos or slacks, I might switch to a more casual outer layer on top. Of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Part of that whole "litigation avoidance" thing. I'm a stickler on it. It hurts. I think what we have here is a misunderstanding regarding zero tolerance
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