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I thought they both looked good for yesterday's debate, although they were sitting at a table, so you could only really see lapels and shoulders. The only criticism would be that McCain's pinstripes did not make for good TV. I am sure they were fine in person, but they appeared bold and metallic, and were very distracting. Did anyone else notice Obama was wearing a red tie and a flag pin, while McCain was wearing a tie with a blue field and no pin. If it wasn't for...
I have actually been picking up a few J Crew items lately and have been pleased, mainly because they always seem to be having some sort of sale. Their tailored items measured by waist of chest seem to fit pretty true to size and are very similar to a lot of RL Polo stuff size wise. I am not as sure about the S,M,L... stuff. I have had to go down a size from M to their S for their sweaters though. If you really like it go for it. Everything comes with a prepaid return...
BTW it is the White Elephant in Lincoln Park at Halsted and Fullerton.
I can tell you where to get a baby grand piano for $400 in Chicago. It seems to be in working order, but unfortunately someone thought it was a good idea to paint it white. Probably would not be too hard to strip given all the flat surfaces. Honestly if my apartment was bigger, I would have bought it even though the gf would kill me because I haven't finished my last furniture project.
Ichigodesu, Here is a link to a description of my experience with shit fit and alterations. As a broke grad. student in can understand your concern about the cost of alterations, but after several years of searching for a label that fit my athletic build (genetic, not aquired) I came to the conclusion that discount shirts and basic alterations were the way to go. http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...9&postcount=17
Either Marshalls thinks Chicago is the ghetto, or I am incredibly unlucky because the best ties I have ever seen at Marshalls were a printed RL Polo and a Gucci in a "Growing Up Gotti Pattern"
I think it really depends on where you are. This will not only affect what you may be able to pick up on short notice (and I assume on a budget). If you are in a suburb, college town, or smaller city I think you could get away with an odd jacket, v or turtleneck sweater, and either flat front odd trou or very smart looking denim. If you are in a major urban center I think a suit would be best. This is an instance when black may be appropriate, but you will get much...
I like them too, but I do not know enough about ties to make much of a judgement. They seem to be the best ties usually available at Marshalls. Maybe close to the RL Polo tie? I usually shop for ties at Marshalls and TJ Max by touch, and Daniel ties usually stand out. I would love to know more about them.
For a casual sans-jacket evening ff black trou work well with one of those shirts that is a 'dress shirt in material and detail, is made unsuitable for the office due to bold color or patten. For example, I have a broadcloth shirt with a semi-spread collar in kelly green and white butcher stripe. The kelly green is the field, so this is inappropriate as a 'dress shirt.' As a result, I usually end up wearing it with jeans. Combined with dark charcoal or black odd trou...
As others have noted, both sleeve and hem are a little long. It also seems like the sleeves are a lot fuller then necessary especially in the upper arm area. It could just be the way you are standing, but something looks off in the back, maybe one of the more experiences members could provide some guidance. Overall, a pretty decent looking suit.
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