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Go to Jameson and volunteer at the beginning of the tour. At the end the volunteers get six extra ounces of whiskey.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Before you go ape-shit over the "it's RL Purple label!" Don't shoot the messenger. Everyone seems to love sub $400 EGs, and these are actually fairly common sizes too. As for pumps vs. patent (plaid bows aside), I think calf pumps are just as wearable as patent oxfords. A patent pump with a more noticeable heel is another story though. On a totally separate note GVH has the RL Polo Morrell boot in size...
RLPL Orsett sizes 9, 9.5, & 10 on GVH for $290. Don't think I could quite squeeze into a 10.'Orsett'%20Slip%20On%20Dress%20Shoes%20Mens%20-%20Black
There is a diesel store here in Chicago. I would start there. Here's their number. 312-255-0157
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby I feel Cognac or brandy are definitely the best choices for a flask. Yes, and flask season is upon us.
^ A couple of those would be a stylish solution for a lack of closet space, although at that cost you could probably just move.
Single vent, and kind of a throwaway quality wise, but if you are looking for something to bridge the gap till you find exactly what you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I am envious. It's very hard to find Carpano out here. Do you have the misfortune of living in a state with archaic liquor laws? I was finally able to get mine locally, but it seems to be pretty widely available on the interweb.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Wayfarer Classic Gin Martini with Vya Vermouth. Color me a convert, but I am never returning to any other Vermouth. This is simply beautiful. I just had a similar experience with Carpano Antica sweet vermouth. FANTASTIC! So far I have had it straight both as a apertiff and a digestivo, as well as in a transcendent manhattan. Next up is the negroni. I've also been thinking about a upgrade in the...
I think you are safe, and I am more than a little OCD about matching. That said I noticed the RLBL tux this past year had grosgrain lapels on the jacket and satin down the leg. That is unacceptable IMHO.
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