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Maccphail's Collection Bottling of Highland Park 8 with a splash of water.
Quote: Originally Posted by Costanza +1 unless you have concerns about narrow end length as per Sam's post. I am only 6 ft. but have a long torso and a broad chest. My more ideally proportioned brother is 5'9" and we have the exact same length legs. When a tie is too short it is not just the length of the narrow end that is most problematic, but instead the placement of the knot on a thinner than ideal end of the tie. I find the FIH to...
The S.O. and I are having a semi-quiet night with another couple. Our contribution is a Perrier Jouet NV, and I think they have a V C NV.
Alpha King now, probably a scotch later
I keep t-shirts, polos, rugbys, sweaters folded. If a collar or thick folded end is causing a stack to lean, I rotate each item 180 degrees to the one below. I get wrinkles sometimes, but if you make sure the entire garment is very flat before folding, and don't try to smash the stack creases are generally avoided. I hang jeans (raw denim) on a hook by the center belt loop to avoid developing fold marks. All other pants are hung on those flat felt covered hangers. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Thin Man This classic Will blog entry. I couldn't turn up the link on short notice, but if I remember correctly Will also wrote about sticking to a variety grey suits at first, and excluding blue. Thus, the money spent on an entire second set of shirts and accessories could be spent on an extra suit instead. So you could go with: Charcoal Mid Grey Chalk or Pin Stripe POW +2 on the extra pair of pants too. I...
Goose Island Alt from a growler we brought home last night
Quote: Originally Posted by Newstyle What are some good recommendations of scotch for a beginner to try without spending too much money? Where would one start? Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. My first single malt was the Highland park 12. It's really great all around and not that expensive either. Also don't be afraid to buy some samples. You can always buy some 50ml bottle. +1 on the Highland park 12. ...
New Orleans Sazerac
My understanding is they run a little big. I would normally wear a 42 regular (US) in a suit or odd jacket. The day I picked mine out I wore a shirt and my heaviest tweed, and I was still able to fit the C40. Since than I have discovered that several of my odd jackets with more structure in the shoulder do not fit particularly comfortably under the Beafort. Also did not opt for the extra removable lining, which may have required I go to the 42.
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