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Post withdrawn.
I would think if one couldn't 'dress up' a cardigan enough then the occasion would be formal enough for a suit dressed down with an OCBD. If this is to be a basic wardrobe for a man uninterested in the subtleties of personal style, than keep it simple...when in doubt, suit up. I don't expect, not was I trying to convince you to change your list, but I do think its worth the discussion.
I think a silk-cotton or the warmer wearing silk-cashmere blend would ensure a nice hand and slight luster. If thickness or weight feels necessary even heavy linen wears pretty cool, and has textural interest. This combined with the shawl collar, which granted is a bit harder to find in cooler wearing textiles, equals a garment that holds its own. If this isn't formal enough fall back on the suit, for which it appears we have reached a consensus. Another way to offset...
I'm trying to cut back to lose a few pounds, so last night is shared a 22 oz Goose Island Madame Rose and a 12 oz Founders Breakfast Stout with mrslife. This morning it is Intelligentsia's current single origin espresso ground for and brewed in a French press.
Personally I also have a navy blazer, but as I mentioned I'm also looking for something less substantial. I'll eventually end up with some for shoulder season, and one or two for summer. I would think a linen or silk/cotton cardigan would wear at least as cooly as a year-round worsted blazer. Additionally knits are typically cheaper then tailored clothing at every price point, so our subject could get two or even three season specific cardigans at about the same price...
First post in a very long time, and I know there is a major bias toward tailored items on the forum, but (assuming we can agree that the suit is an absolute necessity) what it... the space in the wardrobe we are debating was held not by a tailored piece at all, but by a shawl collar cardigan. Obviously I do enjoy dressing up and feel I am not completely dressed without something over my shirt. In most of the instances we are discussing most people will perceive tailored...
Originally Posted by Gibonius men who like having their testicles in a perpetual denim vise. S&M for S&D
Anyone had this done in Chicago?
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman It's my well brandy, for mixing most every cocktail, and certainly drinkable neat. As refined as a single district cognac? No. Outstanding value for money? Yes! ~ H Have you tried the Paul Masson, it's my go to well Brandy. Now if I could only find a good orange liqueur for for under $20/750, I'd be drinking a lot more sidecars.
Maccphail's Collection Bottling of Highland Park 8. Not as subtle and sorted as the on label HPs, but at 2/3 the price of the 12, I think it's definately worth picking up.
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