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Hi: Long shot, but, who knows. I have a bonobos coupon worth USD 110 that I want to sale for the same USD 55 I get it, but there is a catch. The buyer will have to make me a little favor and help me to put an order on since my credit card don't work there and they dont accept paypal. The item I want to purchase in Timberland costs about USD 160, so, I will paypal the extra money plus pp fees. The bonobos coupon can be stacked with a discount coupon...
Could you describe the colors? I see black and white with a blue overcheck?
I found this pic on a website that is selling a single vent tartan jacket. The pic shows the back vent opened. That makes me wonder: Is that kosher? or is a symptom that the jacket is too tight?
A decent quality slim items can be found on the cheap on I think the clothing is made in china (like everything this days) but quality is on pair with zara IMO
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Fail. That guy will be reported by the end of the day and the shipping will be taken down. Plus the fact that you'll get an uber pissed buyer. Seeing his feedback I saw he has done it before with good results... BIN USD 1 with 329 S/H
What do you guys think of this selling strategy? Thom Browne Rugby shirt. BIN for USD 1 ...but USD 199 S/H Good idea or epic fail?
Pics added and price drop...
Hi Guys! It's been a while since my last sale... Offering a NWOT (maybe I can find the tags somewhere) BBBF Charcoal Blazer in BB2 size (standard BB2 sizing like posted on BB site. I'm a 40R and it fits me spot on). 2 buttons closure. Single vent. I purchased it sometime ago, have the buttons sewn in the sleeve (didn't want my tailor to screw up making functional holes) and left it in my closet since. I also removed the inner tag (the one with the sheep) because...
How much a 40R will need for a single breasted sportcoat?
see'em @ work (courtesy of GQ)
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