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Once more, but now with a poll. I've also spotted a charcoal boxer brief of matinique.
On my search for t shirts that will not show through my dressshirts I found on internet the brand Matinique. Ive tried a white one in a shop toaday. V-neck witch stretch cotton. The feel was very good, but it shined through my shirt (the sleeves). Ive tried a grey one (Hillfiger) without stretch. This one didn't show through, but the tshirt didn't fit very well. So now on internet I noticed that this brand sells them in charcoal colour....
Looking at my wardrobe and anxious to change a bit, I'm wondering if my classical marlborough rib (corduroy) pants still are stylish enough. Same for the classical ralph lauren chino. Your opinion please.
I like the Bauhaus watches of junghans very much. Nice, simple design. Now I have to make a choice between the these two watches. I have to say, that I want to change the black strap into a brown one. 1. 2 Please your advice
Want to change my boxerbriefs. White looks clean, but the idea when I went a few times to the toilet (sorry about that). Black looks cool, but maybe a little bit too. Grey, never had them, but I think it will look nice. Any reason not to wear grey?
I am very in doubt. I want to buy new t-shirts. I want to change my crewnecks into v-necks. But still it anoys me a bit when I see the sleeves shine through my white dressshirts. And yes, I will wear them because of protection against sweat and (in winter) because of the cold. Can you please advice me which vnecks you wear and if you are bothered by the way tshirts shine through.
Because a little bit problems with my legs, I never wear socks. But now I want to buy some nice pair of socks, but I don't want them to squeeze a lot. Can someone give me a good advice which socks are friendly for my vains? I cannot imagine that I'm the only one, especially in summer when it's very warm.
I'm always wearing sloggi men basic shorts. Very good quality. Black is ok, but now I've got a few white linnen pants, so black won't do. I'm a minimalist. Like to have only white or only black coloured boxers. White looks clean, crisp, black looks more cute. But black boxers and a white t-shirt?? I am aware that this is not a issue that can save the population, but for me ......
I need to buy new underwear. I had black underwear, but now I like to change to white. What is your favourite colour?
I am after a nice dress watch. It's the chrono from Georg Jensen by Henning Koppel. But it has got a black strap, and a very white face. When I am wearing brown shoes, a brown belt, is it stylish enough to wear a watch with a black strap? Or is this a don't? Please advice.
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