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Bought a very nice pair of loafers. Now my wife is in doubt. She thinks that the tassels doesn't fit with my age. She is a very lovely lady. But is she right? Are loafers with tassels not for me? (age 52). Please your reactions.
Bought a very nice pair of loafers today. Suede, made by Coockson. I've got some crockett and jones shoes in 8,5. The loafers are a bit to loose so I have choosen for the 8. Now my left toe hurts a bit. The shoe fits very tight. Will this become less after say a month or did I made the wrong choice? Thanks for your reply.
Can someone tell me how long f.e. Crockett & Jones shoes are garantueed. How long do you keep your receits?
Thank you for your quick replies. I am convinced. Thanks again.
I've bought a few sweaters today. The thicker ones are folded up, the thinner ones hanging on a clothes-hanger. Never thought about it, but can a clothes-hanger do a sweater any harm? Will the shape stays the same?
I've been in a shop yesterday and I was attracted by the persol 2747. I decided for a black one and the shopowner advized me to take non-polarized glasses. He told me the only place is on the water that you need polarized glasses. I asked him when driving, but he really didn't see a big difference. And polarized glasses are twice as much (€120 instead of €60 for each glass). So I followed his advice. But home I am still in doubt. Why is black the most choosen colour and is...
So, no black trousers? I've got black (Boss, linen) on today with a pink pol (RL). I used to wear all black. Now I am on this forum and bought some other clothes, I am in doubt whether I feel happy today in these clothes. Think my black trousers must go.
I want to buy some new pants for fall and winter. Which colours will be fine and easy to match with shirts?
I've got two high turtleneck sweaters, black and charcoal. I never wear them, only in winter as an extra sweater when I visit the footballground. Are they oldfashioned or still stylish enough? How do you combine a turtleneck sweater? With black/grey trousers?
Ooooooo, I will explain myself because of my silly question/poll. Because in my hunt for tees (under my shirts) which won't show through a lot, I found a charcoal stretch t shirt. But how to combine (yes, I am sorry) with a boxerbrief? So the same brand sells boxers in this colour. So I was wondering, is this the right combi?
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