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Hi there, A few months ago I've bought a transparent sweater, charcoal (kinda black melange). I like the fit very much and I'm tempted to buy another one in dark navy. Don't you think the sweaters will look very similar because of the dark colours, or is it a yes!
Quote: Originally Posted by breitlingman I've had good experiences with TWB as well.. A nice dark or honey brown Gator strap would look nice on that way. Thank you all for your advice. The Gator strap is very nice, but because the watch is very minimalistic, will the alligator strap and the minimialistic face be a good combination?
Well, to be honest. I'm looking for an online shop where I can order a simple ( not a cheap looking) brown strap. Or is it better to sell the watch because a brown strap won't do the job?
A few years ago I bought a Georg Jensenwatch: Because I never wear black shoes/belts anymore, the watch is not in use. A pity, because I like the minimalistic face. I'm looking for a brown strap. Any suggestions?
When you fold a pocket square, you can show the hand-rolled edge or not. (tv fold). Which option is preferred?
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl I add labels to sweaters If you don't want your labels I'll take them off your hands Nice, a quilt as a sweater
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Next time read the label before you remove it. They are scissors and not sciccors I'm very sorry. I couldn't find my glazzes.
Thanks for the serious and the funny answers. I've allready got a pair of sciccors standing by!
I don't like the labels inside my sweaters? Am I the only one who wants to remove them?
Thank you all! I'm very happy about your comments. I am 52, feel like I'm 30, but now with my tassels I'm really 52. I'm joking. Thanks again.
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