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going to perth for 48 hours this evening, never been there and no idea what to do/where to eat: - tonight: landing at 8pm... anywhere i can get a decent feed at 9pm? preferably high-end casual rather than fine dining. could make a booking this morning if needed - saturday: picking up a car at 9am, no idea where i'm going... don't want to drive for more than say 3-4 hours total that day, so margaret river is probably out of the question? is fremantle the best bet? no...
After reading this, thought it'd be interesting to poll the forum. http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/6763000/bad-decisions Discuss. I'm undecided between Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Sopranos lost its mojo whereas Breaking Bad seems to just get better and better. Mad Men would have to be a distant fourth for me.
+1 for Kobe V - I never bought doubles of shoes but since these came out I've stocked up with 3 pairs and rotate them. A+ in everything except for traction where they're an A-. +1 for XIV as the best "performing" mainline jordan of all time. Light, traction, fit.... performance beast. Unfortunately mine are beaten to death and relegated to outdoor duty. ps. not even close to the best looking or most iconic jordan by any means... they'd have to go to the III or XI.
Go Nuggets. Go Manimal. Springssssssss
ive been enjoying the ty lawson / kenneth faried show lately.
good to know kaplan! i prefer the look of the fish one too for some reason.
thanks mafoofan, greatly appreciated!
calling iwc experts! about to pull the trigger on my first watch (mark xv) from a reputable overseas second hand dealer. however, one minor detail someone picked up was that the crown appears to be a replacement 'probus' rather than iwc 'fish' crown. is this something to worry about or just worth enquiring about the service history?
Singapore SF'ers: Has anyone had any dealings with this grey-market dealer?: Kenneth Chen, Collectors Haven, 5 Balmoral Crescent (Inside VIP Hotel) Singapore] Looking to buy my first watch from them (discontinued model so AD is not an option) and want to get a non-Timezone forum independent check just to make sure. I believe they sell a lot of PAMs. Any help appreciated!
Any SF'ers experienced at buying watches from second hand dealers online? I live in Australia and I'm considering buying a mint IWC Mark XV from a second hand dealer in Singapore that's listed it on Timezone. However, I've never bought a good watch online, let alone bought a good watch and this is my first 'serious' watch purchase. I saved for the last few months for the watch so I don't want to botch it! If anyone could help me out, tips, guidance etc, please PM me -...
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