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i think ibaka could be a difference maker in this series. have heat faced a team yet in the playoffs with someone in the paint that is capable of blocking 5-10 shots on any given night? lebron and wade wont be able to just stroll into the lane like they have been. if okc can get the heat shooting jumpshots all night they're in with a great chance.
there's also a styleforum linkedin group
what happened to this thread... started off awesome
any recs for no-logo, slim fit, plain colour polos either available in store or online to aussies? herringbone ones look ok... might try them on... what other options?
whats happening in brisbane. anyone tried herringboan mto?
lol brisbane thread on sf and its some real estate spam...
ty lawsomeeeeeeeeeeeee
come on give some credit to pierre mcgee and miller and george karl... nuggets have been lob city jr all season long, their bigs MO is getting down the court early, slipping the pick and getting easy lobs + they have a lot of lob plays in their playbook. helps when miller puts em on point and mcgee faried can jump out of the gym. afflalo or gallo yet to have a big game as well. hope it goes to 7 games. - nuggets fanboi #1
anyone ordered from nialma lately? im deciding whether to order another 4 thomas mason shirts. the fit is 90% there for me but something about the armpit is bothering me still. love the fabrics though and for $120 each its hard to beat.
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