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new IWC pilot's line is up on the website: http://www.iwc.com/en-us/collection/pilots/ looks pretty awful actually... what the hell.
anyone been playing pickup lately ?
I'd like to use the collective wisdom SF'ers. I'm really keen on getting my hands on a mint IWC Mark XV. Is there anyway to confirm whether this Mark XV is genuine? http://forums.watchnet.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=524130&rid=0 The red flags for me and HK and it's apparently still under warranty, but the watch was discontinued a few years ago. Oh and there's no box? Any questions I can ask to determine the legitimacy? I'm thinking maybe ask for proof of purchase or...
thanks kaplan - very helpful and informative. had no idea about those differences between earlier and later models! i'm guessing it is easier to tell the difference between minute and hour hand when glancing at the watch (just my guess though!)
venessian - good to know. yes, they tend to be getting more expensive. i saw a few sales from 2005-2008 and a lot were under $2,000 as you said. bhall - wow, $3,000 with a bracelet! that is quite an awesome considering the bracelet i understand is worth over $1,000? any chance you could pm the local dealer's name (maybe they can keep an eye out for me) another general question - i have skinny (6.5 inch) wrists and i read that the black leather strap came in difference...
thanks kap. appreciate it. seems on i'm the same hunt you were a while back. any tips on what i should look for? i think i'll have to settle for a mint pre-owned one unfortunately!
Sorry not Croc. Just black.leather
didn't want to sh1t up the watchp0rn thread so thought i'd post this question here: Is $3k a fair price for a pre-owned but mint condition Mark XV classic on original croc strap with deployant, box and papers? I've seen a heap of beat up ones go for around around $2,400 lately but mint i have no idea. what was the retail on these back in the day?
thanks for all the responses guys. mark xv it is. now to find one! :P anyone got a lead?
bit of a dilemna, i'm 32 and i do not currently own a watch and i will probably not buy a lot in the future. maybe a used topgun single chrono if come across a bit of money. i do like pilot watches for some reason (small wrists?) i'm liking the look of the iwc mk xv (probably $2.5-3k used) at the moment. however, i came across the timefactors speedbird iii ($550). i'm on a moderate salary...timefactors is about 2 days pay for me... iwc about 2 weeks. thoughts?
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