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Anyone thinking about this over the new Samsung or Sony?
moar gone baby gone and the town please.
no one had any good online mtm experiences latley?
Who doesn't love a cheap online mtm shirt?!?!? Who's your favorite and what would you recommend to a friend? Examples: - Jantzen - MyTailor - Modern Tailor - Nialma - Cottonworks I am currently using Nialma as they have Thomas Mason fabrics and do arm/bicep/forearm measurements which is very helpful for my boney arms. However, I would like to try others.
it's funny how their styleforum rep has gone downhill since they "banned" me from their shop for asking for too many adjustments. karma.
earl clark starting instead of pau. \AHHAHAHA
i hate 'greatest dunks ever' where there is no block attempt. exception is the vc olympic dunk.
OK, instead of pinterest you can get the $800,000 for 5 years on the open market.
oh he's only leaving $2.3M on the table per year. i'd like to see 90% of the people on this thread forfeit 1% of that ($23,000)
OK so you're 3 years out of college - You're a programming contractor at Google. You love working there. They offer you a contract for $550,000 to work there for 4 years. This is at the Oklahoma Google office. Now some startup company, say pinterest? offers to pay you $800,000 to work there for 5 years. you woulnd't mind working there and its a lead programmer roll which you prefer. It is at the Houston office. Oh, and prior this this you've made $120,000 since...
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