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lakers. where mike brown happens.
I think a lot of first run of ESPN 30 for 30 movies are now on netflix ie Reggie Miller vs New York Knicks, Birth of Big Air, Len Bias Doco, The U, Escobars, blah blah blah
first kid due in 3 weeks. woot!
lol, wow i thought there'd be a heap of interest in this. guess not.
steve cashin in!!!!!
http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/29/3125396/google-nexus-7-review who's copping this? $200? done.
put $1k into short term high interest account like ing/ubank for travelling... add to this monthly... in 1-2 years you can go on a big long holiday.... or blow $1k on whatever you want right now if you feel the need put $4k away for long term savings / investment... add to this monthly... in 3-5 years you can buy shares or have a house deposit with windfalls i like the 80/20 rule 80% long term wealth 20% FUN
Actress that plays Robb's new wifey = Charlie Chaplin's grand daughter in real life? LOL
+1 two of the biggest names right now going head to head, what more could you want. except for maybe durant boofing a big one on lebron's head in game 7
new york version is funny.
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