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Visited Sydney on the weekend (from Bris) and dropped by suitshop for an appointment with Remy. Just getting a basic navy suit, $975 for half canvassed. Patrick dropped into the shop at the start of the actual fitting process and did the measurements with Remy, so walked out of there with some confidence that the end product will fit well. Nice shop, great & knowledgeable service so far from Remy & Patrick and I like the efficient process at suitshop (In and out in about...
Brisbane Tailor update: I went to Regent and met Tony, very nice guy, and quoted me $22 to narrow the suit sleeves. Tess wanted to charge $38. He said it didn't need narrowing though so I said I'd think about it. Will go back to him for anything in the future. Thanks Journeyman.sidenote: I just noticed the sleeves on my low-end Herringbone suit don't even false button holes... just the buttons... is this normal for Herringbone?
Jourmeyman, thanks again - always appreciate your advice!
Brisbaneites - Bought this charcoal jacket from Herringbone for $299 to match the trousers I was also buying on sale I thought $429 for a Herringbone suit was too good to pass up in a moment of weakness. Thing is the jacket sleeves need to be narrowed quite a bit (skinny arms) Can anyone recommend a tailor in Brisbane to alter? I went to tried Tess but she ended up being a bit exxy in...
Cheers will check it out this week
need to buy some good quality grey wool flat front trousers for work (ie no suit jacket). ideally would like to get them below retail. any recommendations for first place to look? im on the skinny side so so a slimmer modern (but not skinny cut) would be good. looked in country road but quality seems dubious. budget $200. side question; what kind of pants do you guys wear in the australian corporate environment ie. typical "corporate attire" is suit pants, dress shirt, no...
Is anyone able to speak on differences between PJohnson and SuitShop in terms of 1) Price 2) Product 3) Service? My budget for a work suit is around the ~$1k mark so not sure if i should throw in a couple hundred extra for PJohnson?
i'm in brisbane and need new work shoes (oxfords)
great thread
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