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More press for pjt and ss: http://m.theaustralian.com.au/executive-living/luxury/bespoke-tailor-patrick-johnson-wants-men-to-feel-at-home/story-e6frg8io-1226944396229 Props to romp and ss: got my first shirt from them. Was a touch a short but otherwise awesome workmanship. After contacting romp, he's arranging a replacement with extra length. will post fit shortly.
almost as stupid as durant = lebron
lol.i hate the heat but:durant's won the the finals... neverwestbrook's won the finals ... neveribaka's won the finals... never
Thanks again JM. Yep, saw that. Definitely plan to drop by there one day but I'm a southsider.... I don't to cross that river!!!
what's oz members current opinions on meermin? budget is around $300-400... do i cheap it with meermin or save the extra for carmina? or something else? looking for work beaters.... black and brown oxfords
How much did the Deerstyle MTO cotton trousers cost ball park? and more importantly... cuff or no cuff?
Thanks again JM. BTW is regent tailors still your recommended Brisbane tailor for alterations? need to get a herringbone suit pants slimmed down in the legs and seat and jacket sleeves shortened.
polling members: are cotton dress trousers in darker colors (like the ones from pjohnson) appropriate australian corporate wear? context: work an inhouse lawyer at publicly listed IT company where 95% of the guys wear the standard business shirt/black suit pant/no tie/no jacket/cheap dress shoe combo. building my work wardrobe and not sure whether to add some cotton dress pants for summer in brisbane over wool ones.
Thanks PetePan and Stiva - guess i'll stick to the food!
What do you guys hit up when you visit Hong Kong? My budget for suits is around ~$1k and all the recommended tailors on the HK tailors thread seem to be in the $1,200+ range with a lot of horror stories. I may as well just stick to suitshop/pjt right? Armory looks like a good place for accessories so I might budget for a couple ties and a pair of shoes. Shirts I've tried jantzen and I think theyre terrible. Is there anything that is actually good value in HK for...
New Posts  All Forums: