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Visiting San Francisco for a week in June, any must-shop places for an SF Australian Member? Wouldnt mind some new shoes...
need a navy sportscoat/blazer that will be heavily worn - suitshop for $700 or $1k+ for PJT? anyone have experience with both?
Count me in and would love to see pics!
Looking for some plain color cashmere scarves and merino button up cardigans at non-nosebleed prices in sydney or online. . Any recs? Anyone tried the Kent wang cashmere scarves?
digging up and old thread!!... Oli and others: Can anyone recommend brands/models of M65s / Peacoats / Barbours / other outwear etc that are versatile, warm and would serve me well in Sydney for the next few years? Needs to be relatively fitted as I'm stick thin. Don't have an extravagant budget... I'm thinking if I could get 2 good coats for under $1k that'd be ideal.I only have a dated calibre peacoat that is a bit lame and got worn twice a year in Brisbane.Work in CBD,...
Can anyone ID this jacket from the PJT tumblr (guessing not pjt) or what this kind/style of jacket is called? Just moved to sydney and need an extra layer for winter I'm thinking? This kind of jacket practical?
Sydney-siders, Can someone give me some background to the Country Road-duffel-bag-with-Suit look I see around the CBD? Kind Regards, Recently transplanted from Brisbane.
Any recommendations for a barber in or near the Sydney CBD? Preferably somewhere I don't have to book and can just line up and wait is preferable. Used to go to Bare Bones in Brisbane... $35/cut!
Very helpful! I think my search has narrowed to these inner west suburbs + annandale.Additional naive question, what do you mean by paying cash... like a envelope of cash? I've only ever rented in a sharehouse without my name on the lease or paid my own mortgage.
Haha thanks JM... ill be back in a few years after I acquire all the shoes and suits I need that are available in Sydney!
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