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lol! man i'm pretty keen after sweating it last night. just need them to agree to my salary... the tax problem is here: http://www.freehills.com.au/4992.aspx because i'm only going on a 12 month contract, i think i'd be still considered an aussie tax resident
thanks matt appreciate it!
Sorry guys didn't see this thread! I'm trying to figure out my minimum salary to live in SG... How does this budget sound for a couple, early 30s, no kids, not ballers but want to live somewhere reasonably clean, safe, doesnt have to be in the middle of the city but say within 10 minutes of the city via public transport. don't drink much but like to go out for cheap eats. Monthly SGD take home pay for me: 7900 Rent: 3500 Food:1000 Shopping/Entertainment: 1000 Transport...
Hey guys, got some great advice on this board over the years. I'm an in-house lawyer with about 5 years experience and not really going anywhere due to resume not having any "brand names" on it. But I get paid decent and have a great life here. I was casually looking and I've been offered a 12 month contract in sg with a global market leader, f500, top 10 global tech company etc etc. Pros: - Resume improves, flexibility in jobs I can apply for and future earning...
reading this thread i feel less bad for being refused service by jantzen last year for being too fussy my first order.
i should probably elaborate a bit on my question. i think i mixed up my terminology after looking up the definition of penny stocks as i am in australia. when i say penny / speculative i really meant speculative small cap stocks (mining explorers, tech startups, etc) on major stock exchanges (ie. NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE, ASX etc.).
yes, they're risky and shouldn't make up any significant part of your portfolio... but hell they can be fun! i've currently got most of my shares in an index fund at the moment and set aside 10% to play with on speculative shares etc. to keep me from getting bored. just wondering if there's any cool stories of big wins on penny stocks out there? ie. can you make money out of the damn things?
why didn't I think of this... they must be making a killing off them
Hasn't been much in the way of good movies this year. The last great movie I saw was A Prophet. sh1t was classic.
what's a vegas?
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