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Hi, For the lawyers in the forums ...what does sort of day-to-day work does an ISDA Negotiator do and is there much career progression in this sort of legal role. For context, I've worked in mid-tier private practice for 3 years and most recently in-house at medium-sized companies for 2 years doing general corporate/commercial transactional work. I am looking to move to Asia and my contacts said there are many junior ISDA Negotiator opportunities at I-banks around. ...
sorry, to clarify my store is an online store only, no brick&mortar. i used oscommerce, and it had an australian direct deposit contribution - the order comes through but you don't send it til you get the deposit in your bank account. credit cards might be safer than paypal, but in my experience using both i had maybe 10chargebacks in an 18 month period, and with paypal no chargebacks or disputes, but only in a 7 month period. i do on average between 5-10...
final series was a bit of a snooze compared to the rest of the playoffs!
i highly recommend paypal only. i had a small clothing retail store and we accepted credit cards and direct deposit. we got quite a few chargebacks on the credit cards. then we intro'ed paypal a year later - no more chargebacks, 95% of customers use paypal and the rest direct deposit. no more direct credit card transactions. downside is you pay 1-3% more for paypal than credit card transactions. put it down to peace of mind and the cost of doing business...
thanks, for that. nice suit, not a big fan of peak lapels on sb though. im sure the suit will get a lot of interest though!
Hey guys, anyone know a good source of size 36R suits on the slim side in Australia, preferably Brisbane. I'm thinking along the lines of ralph lauren black label, z zegna etc. I've tried David Jones for Z Zegna but it only looks like they stock 38R and up. Herringbone had a few 36s but not in the osaka model. Hugo Boss is just a rip off. I tried Country Road 36 and the jackets feels like a 38. Not sure about the quality of Cloakroom suits yet. ...
that's it! nice one. thank you very much!
i'm not sure if it's cheap or expensive but it was in a house with some other design stuff ... kartell items etc. so i'm thinking its designer. white plastic kind of like a bellini chair but the back support and seat support were a white elasticy micromesh... ? edit: actually i think the closet thing itd look like is a morrison air chair perhaps
found an article on them, they do not appear to have any formal training, which makes me sceptical, but they did appear to know what they were talking about when i visited them http://www.streeteditors.com/index.p...the-cloakroom/
added some pics fyi
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