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welcome back broy
My company is looking into options for setting up an entity/small office in China. Would anyone be able to refer a reputable firm that can provide assistance in Chinese business registration by any chance? The type of things we would like advice on are tax, structuring, company formation, location (shenzen, guangzhou or somewhere else?omewhere else?), payroll and accounting. Cost is also important, so not looking for a top tier western firm - but say mid-tier...
Hoping knicks, nugs and blazers put up a good fight otherwise first round is gonna be a snooze. Lol at hansborough ballin.
Looking for a black (like pure black not washed) with similar fit to apc new standards... Any ideas?
good media playa too for playing 'downloads' - stick the file on a usb stick and plug in or download ps3 media server to your laptop/file server good upscaler - upscales dvds and sd files to 1080p (not great but good enough)
grendel - no bonuses matt - not actual 'relocation' costs. more cost/time involved in selling the stuff i bought over the last 2 years to fill my new house at a significant loss, renting out my house, buying new stuff in singapore, where i would likely only be for 1-2 years. in the end i told them i couldn't accept their offer (they would't move any higher) due to below market salary offered, non-permanent role and no relocation allowance. it wasn't one of these factors...
hahaha beast status
yep, 12 mth @ sgd 110k. the role is legal counsel, just a team member. no benefits at all (no accom subsidy, no medical, no relocation), their excuse being they were hiring for a local... i'm in a tough situation as i'm currently at a tech startup and its not the most stable place in any scenario either. ill pm you prospective employer. thanks for your help, i might look into the FT avenue...
Thanks... Have updated with sgd numbers
i'll talk in a factor of the contract fee as that way I can disclose: - Interviewed at well known US tech company I want really want to work for. Process has taken 2 months. via recruiter they said they want to offer me the job (no formal offer) for 12 month contract. - Recruiter asked me what salary range I wanted and suggested sgd90-100k (market for local recruiter with 4 years experience). - I have 6 years experience and am currently paid sgd140k at home. I also...
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