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yes, they're risky and shouldn't make up any significant part of your portfolio... but hell they can be fun! i've currently got most of my shares in an index fund at the moment and set aside 10% to play with on speculative shares etc. to keep me from getting bored. just wondering if there's any cool stories of big wins on penny stocks out there? ie. can you make money out of the damn things?
why didn't I think of this... they must be making a killing off them
Hasn't been much in the way of good movies this year. The last great movie I saw was A Prophet. sh1t was classic.
what's a vegas?
What jgold said
do you know what you want to do in life? if you do, then simply put, you need to set some goals and then go about working towards those goals. but yes, therapy may help you get over the hump you're trying to get over right now.
I live near Maroochydore (Brisbane). I'd say you're looking at between 15-25 degree celsius... cool by Brisbane standards but probably warm for someone from Montreal. It's pleasant here...you probably need a lightweight knit or something. Melbourne will be a slightly colder i'm guessing 10-20 and it rains a lot in Melbourne without notice so bring an umbrella. Looking at Montreal weather I'd say Maroochydore will be like summer in Montreal and Melbourne like May or...
Thanks all for the awesome feedback. Sf comes through again with the goods. Looks like the following are ahead of the rest at the moment (not taking into consideration order or travel times): - Macchu Picchu (Sightseeing) - Buenos Aires (City) - Rio (Beach) Honorable mention: - Cartagena, which I was actually very interested in originally but don't know if I want to try squeeze it into a 10 day trip... looks like a place to chill for a few days at least. em36: haha -...
So I am early 30s, live in Australia and have the opportunity to have a holiday in South America this xmas with my gf and another couple. This is my first time to South America and I doubt I'll go there again anytime soon. I'm pretty much a city person and not really into that touristy stuff. I've had great holidays and NYC, Hong Kong and Paris... which SF forumite wouldn't!? Having said that there's just some things you have to see in your lifetime. So my...
New Posts  All Forums: