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that's it! nice one. thank you very much!
i'm not sure if it's cheap or expensive but it was in a house with some other design stuff ... kartell items etc. so i'm thinking its designer. white plastic kind of like a bellini chair but the back support and seat support were a white elasticy micromesh... ? edit: actually i think the closet thing itd look like is a morrison air chair perhaps
found an article on them, they do not appear to have any formal training, which makes me sceptical, but they did appear to know what they were talking about when i visited them http://www.streeteditors.com/index.p...the-cloakroom/
added some pics fyi
Found these guys after checking out their blog, they are in the building above Country Road in the queen st mall. Friendly and helpful enough ,they had a rack of samples of what they can custom make for you. Dress shirts, suits and a few of their own jacket designs, slightly left-of-centre design. From what I remember: Shirts $200 Jackets $700+ Suits $1200+ They can pretty much do anything you want with the suits, I tried on a sample, it had functioning...
first time traveller to rome, i've nailed it down to two choices... which would be the better option .. biggest considerations being location and safety? most of the time we'll just be sightseeing the usual tourist traps i think WRH Suites: http://rome-hotels.tripadvisor.com/H...ome_Lazio.html River Palace Hotel http://rome-hotels.tripadvisor.com/H...ome_Lazio.html
going to paris for the first time for three nights in august and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for hotels under 200 euros per night?
good luck. if you are making a career change but staying in sales enterprise software is a great choice, very lucrative area.
Thanks for the insights so far, much appreciated! Perhaps I should give you some insight to my move. I've just resigned from my current position in real estate at a Australian top tier firm after 18 months here. Before this I had 2 years experience at a small property practice and before that, 2 year articles at another small property practice. I was recently offered and accepted a role as legal counsel working with the general counsel at a medium sized...
For those that have taken the leap from private practice to in house counsel, do you have any advice or tips? Most people I have spoken to so far say that working in a corporation is an enormous change from working in a law firm, and it can take someone who has spent most of their professional life in private practice quite some time to adjust. Would love to hear stories from anyone that has made the change. Was it what you were expecting? Has it opened more...
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