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SS is the best option at its price point. I commissioned my first suit there a few months ago (Navy SB notch lapel in zegna cloth for $950) and everything was bang on, except that maybe the sleeves and legs were a fraction (like 0.5cm) too long. It's the best fitting suit I own (I ordered another mtm suit previously in brisbane, too tight). My shirt was a touch too short but they redoing it for me. Suits are made in China, although to a high standard for Chinese...
Gents - Driving shoes - Does anyone have an opinion on either of these australian brands? http://www.frankiesshoes.com.au/ http://www.andytom.com/collections/men both around $200 ... or should i look elsewhere at this budget? and what''s the most versatile color/finish for driving shoes... dark brown/non-suede?
JM - thanks for the tip on the swedish site.... never heard of that one and pricing seems a lot better than armoury! theyre out of a lot of UK8s but i will keep looking. Will definitely have to catch up one of these days when I'm in the city.Ah, sorry wasn't clear. This will be my only pair of brown shoes.. but I do have a pair of cheaper black captoes that I will rotate this purchase with. I considered doing two pairs of Meermins but they seem to be hit or miss and Loake...
need to buy a pair of brown shoes for work to wear with my navy or charcoal suit. it will be my second pair (although i may add a dark brown suede in a year or so) EDIT: This will be my second pair...I will rotate with some cheaper black captoes (united arrows) is this a good choice at
More press for pjt and ss: http://m.theaustralian.com.au/executive-living/luxury/bespoke-tailor-patrick-johnson-wants-men-to-feel-at-home/story-e6frg8io-1226944396229 Props to romp and ss: got my first shirt from them. Was a touch a short but otherwise awesome workmanship. After contacting romp, he's arranging a replacement with extra length. will post fit shortly.
almost as stupid as durant = lebron
lol.i hate the heat but:durant's won the the finals... neverwestbrook's won the finals ... neveribaka's won the finals... never
Thanks again JM. Yep, saw that. Definitely plan to drop by there one day but I'm a southsider.... I don't to cross that river!!!
what's oz members current opinions on meermin? budget is around $300-400... do i cheap it with meermin or save the extra for carmina? or something else? looking for work beaters.... black and brown oxfords
How much did the Deerstyle MTO cotton trousers cost ball park? and more importantly... cuff or no cuff?
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