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doing my first sydney winter...thank fk for uniqlo heattech. just stick it under my normal work clothes + new henry carter scarf. surviving on the cheap!
Ok the sole of my 6 month old meermins are disintegrating (think i damaged them by leaving them wet too long - good ol sydney weather!) Where in the CBD do I go to get them resoled?
Another new-to-sydney question: Any SF-approved dry cleaners for suits/sports jacket?? CBD or Inner West would be great!
I actually went uniqlo try these at lunch time. Merino one is $50 and feels like $50 garment... quite thin... my H&M merino vneck from a few years ago was much more substantial. The cashmere one is much nicer but I didn't pull the trigger. Good rec though they have plenty of sizes.What else can you guys recommend from Uniqlo?
thanks all... settled, brown SC after blue!
Can anyone show me an example of a brown SC that looks good on a young guy? I've read a lot on SF that brown SC is preferable over grey but brown SC just screams "old man" to me. I'm sure there's good examples around I just can't remember ever seeing one or perhaps I'm thinking of a different brown.
Thanks Fox, 1 x sportscoat it is!
Hey all, this one's for the capsule wardrobe guys, (looking at you Oli!) I'm starting to go through the process of expanding my work wardrobe as I've relocated from Brisbane to Sydney for work (inhouse lawyer, large tech company in the city, dress code is all over the shop - hoodie casual all the way through to suits but never ever ties) and to be honest my Brisbane wardrobe does not cut it in Sydney! Current wardrobe: 1x Charcoal Herringbone suit (beater, I wear this 3...
Visiting San Francisco for a week in June, any must-shop places for an SF Australian Member? Wouldnt mind some new shoes...
need a navy sportscoat/blazer that will be heavily worn - suitshop for $700 or $1k+ for PJT? anyone have experience with both?
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