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Sydney-siders, Can someone give me some background to the Country Road-duffel-bag-with-Suit look I see around the CBD? Kind Regards, Recently transplanted from Brisbane.
Any recommendations for a barber in or near the Sydney CBD? Preferably somewhere I don't have to book and can just line up and wait is preferable. Used to go to Bare Bones in Brisbane... $35/cut!
Very helpful! I think my search has narrowed to these inner west suburbs + annandale.Additional naive question, what do you mean by paying cash... like a envelope of cash? I've only ever rented in a sharehouse without my name on the lease or paid my own mortgage.
Haha thanks JM... ill be back in a few years after I acquire all the shoes and suits I need that are available in Sydney!
Thanks Skeen.... preferably at least a townhouse with modest outdoor area (updated original post) would be ideal, although we have looked at some apartments just to see how far the $ goes. Will look at Erskinville!
Sydney people with toddlers I am relocating to Sydney from Brisbane in a few weeks for a new job (only found out last week) with my wife and 2.5 year old son. Can anyone recommend suburbs to look at to live?: - Budget $750-$800pw - I will be working in CBD (darling harbor end of sussex st) - Wife will work from home part-time - Toddler will need to go into childcare within next 6-12 months - 1 car which wife will use to ferry toddler around - I will catch public...
Early picks for ROY outside... Wiggins / Parker / Exum or a darkhorse? Randle and Payton look like they'll could get a tonne of burn.
PNS sizing question: - I'm somewhere between a true 30 and 31 but closer to 31 - I wear 28 in NS Raw and it fits very well - hard to button when i first bought them and after 12 months they are very comfortable and fit is good - I wear 28 in PS Black (non-raw) and it's pretty much painted on, tight when i bought them and ball busting when i sit down... - Plan to buy PNS because I like the fit of my NS Raw but want a bit more taper from the knee down. What size do I...
will try take a snap next week before work.
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