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Just purchased a pair of Carmina suede chukkas. Can anyone recommend a place to buy suede nano protector and a suede brush in Sydney CBD?
+1 on the Tudor... How about the Black Bay though? In Sydney and need new shoes pretty quickly (ie. within the next month). Was planning on getting Carminas but the Carmina website and Skoak dont have any make-ups Im looking for. Chukkas or dark brown suede oxfords. What other others are there if my budget is around the $500 mark? Only option I can think of is Meermin. Walked into doublemonk Syd the other day and they dont stock Carmina anymore, C&J is the cheapest.
while we're talking love/hate of PJT style, thoughts on a) side adjusters instead of belt loops and b) 2 inch cuffs: on cotton dress chinos ala PJT style for business casual?
apologies, this has been discussed at length.
lol geezus not this again. no theyre not "tailors". yes they have "tailors" in their name". someone call the ACCC!!!
Thanks, went there today and copped within 30 seconds of entering the store. Exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks JM! always a help!
can anyone point me in the right direction, want to get a decent knit tie in the sydney cbd for melbourne cup... say closer to the $100 price bracket than $200...preferably midnight navy!
i see suitshop are doing unstructured jackets now... i assume that means no padding... shot an email off this arvo for a booking.... oh lawd OT... anyone seen nike tech fleece sweat pants for less than retail in the sydney cbd?
Any recs for a business casual work chukka - Something that works with button down shirt/chinos or jeans/sports jacket? Options I've seen: CDB's (too casual, cheap?) Redwing (too outdoorsy?) Carmina/Meermin chukka (too dressy?) Budget~ $400. Would prefer something with a low-ish profile with a leather sole, I think (skinny dude)...
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