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Yea sorry for the ramble. Will they stretch or do I need to return and find a different brand?
Just bought some Clark's Desert Boots in beeswax (actually the Bushacre 2s), when I tried them on they fit ok but I had thin socks, trying them around the house now with some thick ones and they're really tight, really narrow. I've done some searches and it seems like they'll stretch but I guess I need some reassurance. The left one is ok but the right is cutting off circulation, but then next size up had too much room in the toe box. I have a hard time buying shoes...
Tried this yesterday, pretty good- tastes like you think it would: What I liked about it is not only the banana part comes through, but also the bread. It doesn't have a sour or bitter finish like a lot of fruit beers or lambics have. It doesn't taste expensive, but I think that's why I liked it.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Edit: Wow, just watched the 2 videos. Words cannot describe how pitiful that is, it's a word for word ripoff from the original script with shittier acting, an uglier cast, and 500x more censoring. That's what got me- I can see taking the general idea and characters, but most of that vid is a word for word, shot for shot remake. And it's even funnier that the cast is markedly less attractive. Not that...
Quote: Originally Posted by tit_tyrant Just got home, sorry for the delay. I dunno how to give this out fairly so I guess I'll just post it and hope whoever uses it first isn't just buying a belt or hat lol. NOR763VGJ - Valid through October 31 Damn, I actually have had a browser window open all day with a full cart and have been waiting to pull the trigger....
I don't know how many of you know the BBC show, but it looks like MTV has decided to do a version. And judging by the clips it seems to be a verbatim remake (storyline wise). http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/58918...eak-peek.jhtml This was one of my guilty pleasures, and to be honest I could see an american version doing well, but it looks like they decided to keep the worst parts of the BBC version and add a 1/4 shot of 90210. Bummer..
Quote: Originally Posted by smoothie Go to a store and try the xs or slim fit on? They don't carry the xs in stores for some reason (at least not around here). Not sure about the slim small. Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb I ordered two shirts from J Crew: one in small regular fit and the other in small slim fit. The small slim fit is PERFECT. While the small in regular fit is baggy as it is in your case. So I would go...
I have a secret wash shirt in small, and it's too big, wondering if I should go with xs or that new slim small. The shirt I have fits me well in the shoulders and ok in the chest, but is too baggy in the sleaves and doesn't taper enough on the sides. I actually shrunk it in the wash a bit but still need it slimmer. Thanks!
I f*ck*ng luv this shirt! If a good friend didn't already own it I'd snag it ina second -BUMP!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 Heavy D those shoes look like a cross between pumas and dogshit. Hahahahha- come one guys, don't hold back, tell me what you really think.
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