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Posts by Cark   sale on converse shoes, only $50 canadian dollars.
  How does that unfinished collar work? It looks like it is going to fray. It seems like a sloppy job for a jacket.
 still got a 1 size small left in the white remember sweatpants do stretch get it here:*%26sortBy.sort=PRICE%3AASC%26filterContext=20636%26tDim=220x390%26swDim=18x17%26baseIndex=0  
got this email last night   haven shop final sale 50% off  
 psidy should stick to buying suits and shirts from walmart.
surprisingly enough, nomad still has a stark (in size small), for only$130 CAD!!!  
 read carefully, i said the bape ones are better than the ones he makes. i don't wear bape or any hypebeast streetwear. your quote also implies that bape is greater than the crap that zamb puts out.
  The hooded shirts reminds me of this (but I definitely like the bape ones better):  
 man, you got freak feet, who the hell has triple E wide feet, don't blame the boots for your problems, i am surprised dayton even bothered to make you a pair, if i were running dayton i would tell you and your feet to take a hike.
 Strange, everything went out of stock soon after I posted this and today I check again and see that there is a medium left?
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