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Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel These terms are used so vaguely these days that it's always safest to check with those tendering the invitation. I think it's safe to assume they did not mean they wanted male guests to wear strollers! A suit is always a safe bet, but they might want a blazer and khakis or something, given the way the terms "formal" and "semi-formal" are abused. True, that. I just attended a wedding reception last weekend...
I have Chestnut Veal Craftsmen (ordered about 6mo ago, when the AU$D was strong, damnit), and they are nowhere near as dark as the boot pictured above. Which is great for me, as I wanted a more mid-dark-brown, which is what mine are, and actually hesitated on getting them since all of the online pics show a very dark brown. Go figure, eh?
I got a box of assorted-size brass ones from forum non-favorite, Jos A. Bank - $22 minus whatever for sales/discounts.
Anything at all, so long as it ties in at least a little bit with the overall tone/colors/patterns you're wearing. Or something that willfully does not. Go wild. Or not. Just please don't wear white socks.
Not even a little bit, although my step-father did pick up a new suit for my wedding, and seemed pretty excited about it.
Polish, wear, and enjoy
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform I recently saw and considered buying these exact shoes (AE shell Mcneil burgundy) off ebay in a 13D with a starting bid of $20 or something. With as much wear as yours, they ended up going for, can't remember precisely, but at least $220 (well out of my range for a used pair of shoes, cordovan or not). That yours are a smaller size and therefore would attract more buyers, I imagine that you might get $250. Then...
A pair of cordovan MacNeils that I wanted sold on Ebay for $227 last week. IMO this is too much, but obviously someone thought otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Have you ever bartered for clothing or a clothing-related accesory instead of paying for it? Yes, I traded a photography session of a jeweler friend's work in exchange for a pair of custom cufflinks. Win/win if you ask me.
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