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sigh th 25% off doesn't work on collabs as it did last year, much to my dismay.
anybody know when the retail stores roll out new sale items (if there's any pattern at all)?
Size S or M PM me your price, Thanks!
their vintage oxford shirts are basically a rip-off of BoO, for 1/5th of the price when on sale.
i just can't believe they sent me a fucking empty box.
old thread but I can't find the official one (if there is one). Was wondering whether anyone purchased the surface to air rings on final sale over the weekend? Bought one as a gift to my sister (the sleeping doe ring looked really cool), received my order today and they literally sent me an EMPTY BOX. what the fuck.
they have nearly the exact same style in oxford this year. i remember seeing those tags sometime around 2009 winter.
the bottom ones sort of do give off that vibe, the first shoes he linked not so much.
they were on sale at the michigan ave store in chicago for about 40 two weeks ago.
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