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Hey Lance, just sent you an email. You got a new customer here!
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford VirtualClothesHorse (Lance) delivers better quality for the price compared to EuroSilkCo. I've bought from both, and while EuroSilk is a perfectly fine dealer, the ties often have small flaws in them. Same is true for BigMonkeyHead. VCH gives you new, well packaged goods. Four-In-Hand Ties has some nice ties for the money - might want to check that out as well. Thanks! The small flaws are actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Have you checked out Sam Hober? They have some nice patterns. Will consider them, thanks! Also I checked virtualclotheshorse, they have some nice kiton ties, the price seems good I suppose?
I'm mainly looking at Charvet, Richard James, Drake's ties, any good seller on Ebay or other website? \teuropeansilkcompan on ebay seems to be good and they have quite some collection for Charvet, but their price is certainly not the lowest. Any other trust-worthy seller? (not necessarily just for those brands I mentioned.) Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I've never been impressed with most of Ralph's ties, even the PL ties. I can only think of a few for which I'd pay a premium. So I'd vote no, not a particularly good deal, unless you just happen to like a specific tie. Thanks. Several of them look nice, but in a basic way, not that special. Maybe I'll pass I guess.
I'm considering buying several purple label ties. With the sale going on, is this a good deal for ties?
Will the additional 20% off still work after May 15th? The card I received says it's only for the first day of sale... But since it seems people all have already bought a lot stuff with the discount, I suppose it's not only for the "first" day?
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King Welcome to the "business world". You need more clothes! It is entirely normal for a new employee to ask what you should be wearing to work. Often people will loosen up as the temperature rises (HK summer is hot as hell) and since you'll only be there in the summer, it's probably worth asking. On a certain level, you should just buy what you need and then focus on work. With that said, don't spend too...
I will be a summer associate this summer as well, but in an ibank. I don't really have many "business" cloths at all. All I have are a black Boss suit, two ties, two shirts and one pair of nice shoes. I guess I need a lot more cloths... The job will be in HK, after some research here, I gave up the idea of buying some brand suit at US and decide to get a suit (and shirts) in HK. qtdude mentioned two suits and a blazer should be enough for the summer? I still haven't...
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