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I've went to French Laundry in 2006 and felt it was probably the best meal at a restaurant I've ever had in my life. I enjoyed La Bernardin last time I went to NYC, the skate and Turbot was awesome. L'atelier is awesome too, I would love to try the Mansion some time though. Chez Panisse was very nice as well. I was thinking about going to Alinea in Chicago anyone have thoughts?
Which is better?
No they are not, its a cotton blend that can be found at any nice clothing store.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer You can probably find some nice ones, maybe on sale, from Cole Haan. If you are willing to shell out a few bucks, chekc out Tod's or Prada. I own a few of them and they are by far the most comfortable of my shoes. Cole Haan's do make some great affordable shoes. I think one thing you should keep in mind is that buying nice durable shoes like the aforementioned, that they last quite a long time. Also plus...
I think the type of shirts you are referring to are called 50/50, a 50 percent cotton and polyester blend. They to me are the best shirts ever.
Yes, I have a Deer Skin bag from Bally. I feel it adds some charm to my overall style when I take out my laptop and blast some DJ tracks.
I suggest you go to your local shopping center with "high end" stores and ask them where they get their suits tailored?
Denim Doctor in LA can fix them. Thats where I take all my vintage 60's and 70's jeans to.
Watch Quadorphenia and check out there french trenchcoat. That can be had for cheap. Lonsdale t shirts are cheap. Also for the fit on the pants, i suggest getting 501XX and getting tailored and splashing them with bleach to get that urban camo look.
I personally like American Apparel hoodies for that price. But if you want to go for the premium stuff, I like Futura Hoodies. They are very nicely made and affordable
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