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Experts, Any idea on how much the IWC Portuguese Chrono will run me? Particularly interested in the white face, blue hand
Ohhh...what do we have in there?
To the average man, I have "so many" shoes but compared to Styleforum I feel inadequate
Jesus Christ
Is that the IWC Portuguese Chrono with the alligator blue strap? I want one so bad...
If i order via phone am I still entitled to the sale or do i have to come in person?
I actually haven't done that with any of my shoes but I am considering it for my next pairs.I'd recommend B. Nelson on 55th between Lexington and 3rd for your taps. I use them for resoling and they've done an excellent job.On a side note, does anyone own the C&J Wembleys? If so, thoughts?
That's an ambitious - and expensive - 2012 endeavor
I just made a new thread
2011 Insights: - Added about 5 pairs this year....time for a little break once the Weymouths arrive - MTM is up bespoke? - High quality shoes are worth every penny - Being comfortable with your style adds a level of confidence that people can sense 2012 Plans: - Break from shoes until Spring/Summer 2012 then I will probably add pair of chocolate suedes and give velvet slippers a try - Light gray MTM suit Can't think of anything else right now just...
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