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So you saying Canucks don't go all bat shit crazy for pre-christmas sales? Or that Canadians call the Friday after US Thanksgiving, Friday.
End Clothing Size Chart on the Naval Sweater....Pit to Pit Back Shoulder ArmLarge 21" 28.5“ 18” 22.5”Maybe Large is the right call for me.
Santa Monica Seafood, it's about 5 miles down Wilshire Blvd from Century City.
Bit the bullet and bought the CP's on TBS. My luck they'll be on sale within weeks. Fuck it, glad to get getting the shoes (Got the Chukkas in washed tan leather). They're also on Gargyle, Mr Porter, and maybe Park and Bond. Figuered should Gargyle offer 20% off that would then make them comparable to TBS's price after free shipping.
Starting to think this is true.....
Wait do you live in L.A. or DC? No such thing as keeping warm in L.A.
So it'll work for Ed Hardy....
On top of all the schwag he bought in the stores. You sir are no randomkoreandude you are a BallerKoreanDude.
M measures 21" p2p? Interesting, might try that over the L.
Do they still do that discount? Thought it ended a while ago. Regardless I've done a decent amount of damage at revolcve so i don't think I'd be eligable, plus they don't have the CP's I want
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