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I've seen these, #twitterEUR / #twitterUSD / #twitterGBP / #twitterSEK. Maybe you should try #twitterSDG ....?
No codes, they have their "context cash" that's it, and occasional sales.
#twitterUSDI think it's like 10% which whne you add that to the 20% off VAT, it's not bad.
Agree. "Maybe" once a week they have a sale that is remotely worth while, everything else is pure crap.
Yeah CP's have gone up like WHOA over the years. My first pair I got on sale for $190, marked down from $250. The Corner is is usually a JOKE price wise on CP's, but based on their sale and where others are priced, aside from maybe $10 or so, the prices The Corner has now is as good as it will get right now. Unless it's like some super crazy blow out sale for a few obscure sizes later in the season and or shitty colors. If they have a pair you like now buy them. I'm...
You don't. That's about as low as they'll go.
PAM 317, YES!
Wasn't taxed by Caliroots, but was taxed by Nudie once. That was it as far as the Scandinavian shops go.
Not here.
FYI Got my CG Hybridge Lite Vest Today. It's good for us SoCal peeps who don't really experience winer, becuase the vest is pretty thin and lite, definietly not something you'd want to be treking in snow with. Size is TTS to Slim. A lite sweater/thermal can be worn under it but not much more than that. No fit pics, juts jacked this off their site.
New Posts  All Forums: