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Someone buy my EG Chambray!
Just change the last digit or 2 around and you'll get it.
Not everything is included in the sale. Kind of hit and miss.
Email them, they will add you to their mailing list, assuming their ins't already an option on their site.p.s. Tell them you wnat to buy it now and they'll take 20% off now if you pay through paypal. Did that yesterday on some Unis Gio's and W+H Sweatpants
What size you looking for? I have it in Large, only wore it once, might consider letting it go if you're interested.
WOW, was it that crowded? Glad I was able to get what I wanted onliune and didn't have to sift through all the crap.
PSA Lyon State is having a 20% off Friends and Family sale starting in like 2 weeks. Their W+H's stockist is kinda slim, but some good items in there.
I got the RL private sale email earlier, it was a one time code. Used it this morning on 2 RRL's items. LYON STATE however is going to be having a 20% off Friends and Family event starting in 1 or 2 weeks. If you email them and pay through paypal, they will give you 20% off now for thsoe too impatient like me
I bought a Henley and a Flannel that I got for 40% off.
Agree, I have bought W+H, Unis, Billy Reid, and APC from them. One of the better shops out there.
New Posts  All Forums: