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Get a pair or two you won't regret it. I currently rotate between 4 pairs of Gios and picked up a pair in the "Leaf" color today via the sale. They do have standard colors, like the guy above said, Seal Gray, Vintage Khaki, Black, can't get more basic than that. The thing that set's the Gios apart, is that pretty much all colors (black aside) have something unique to them, shade wise.You rarely need to pay full price on Gio's, but i can tell you that you likely won't find...
5"11 185lbs here, I just ordered the Hybridge Lite Vest which is supposedly "slim insulated" in Large. Hope I'll be ok......
Went to the new store in L.A. today and it was closed. WTF?
Burger at Rustic Cyn was arguably one of the best burgers I've ever had. That and Jet was right, Cauliflower = sex in my mouth.
I prefer a lighter shade of red, but the Dockers Alpha fit is a pretty popular cut around here.http://us.dockers.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11790365&cp=&fbc=1&f=Taxonomy%2FDOC%2F2271557&kw=alpha&fbn=Taxonomy%7CMen&pg=1&parentPage=search
Buy these https://lyonstate.com/designers/unis.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=yagendoo_VaMazing_2.tpl&product_id=26&category_id=8 Unis Gios in Red Clay, I've got these.
4 people are going, we need at least 2 burgers!Sounds good, had the cauliflower at Gjelna a few weeks ago, if it's half as good at Rustic Cyn I'd be happy.
Good for you man, no need to look like a typcial HS Freshman. I think the guy in the pic is a good palce to start, and like the poster above me said, Brown Shoes. Done.
PSA: Just got a cal from Leffot that my pre-order on the Indy boot in natural chromexcel with commando soles is in. NYC guys and or anyone else for that matter, give them a call and get your hands on these boots.
I prefer the new fur than previous seasons.
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