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M measures 21" p2p? Interesting, might try that over the L.
Do they still do that discount? Thought it ended a while ago. Regardless I've done a decent amount of damage at revolcve so i don't think I'd be eligable, plus they don't have the CP's I want
Thanks guys. Been hunting for a pair of Common Preojects, but I morally can't pay fuill price on CP's since they ALWAYS go on sale eventually.
PSA Lyonstate is having a 20% off sale, FALL20, they have a limited APC selection, but still the promo does apply.
I need a Tres Bien 20% off code, anyone know if they typically do sales like that around the holidays...?
LYONSTATE 20% OFF SALE FALL20 LYONSTATE doesn't get enough love around here. Great service, good lines, not a huge selection, but it's one of the better online shops out there.
Don't love them. Still prefer the Diemme Roccia Vet 's over the Danners.
Racked L.A.???? la.racked.com/ Kinda chickey, but has some decent stuff every blue moon and sometimes some hot pics of girls in their everyday wear section.
Dig the Need Supply x Alden's.
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