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Anyone heading to the LSBH Alden trunk show Friday?
I think the Persols look good too.
I'm guessing he's not an Oliver Peoples or Barton Perreira kinda guy.Get yourself some Persols. Classic designs, well made, they will fit you.
Any chance you guys are going to do another run of the Black Suede Alden Chukkas?
I need me some Black boots, too many browns. You guys are all Alden crazies. Taking into account L.A. warmer weather, looking for a good year round boot. Which do you prefer, or can you reccomend me a different, simple black boot? Black Indy w/ white stiching Flex Chukka
PSA for L.A. RRL peeps. Just got this email.... Happy Holidays! We invite you to celebrate the holiday season with us at the RRL Merlose store this Thursday night from 7-9. Come get a little late night shopping in (lots and lots of Sale items) with some yummy food and drinks. We will also be showcasing the newest RRL boots. We hope you can make it out and let us thank you for shopping with us.
Holy thread re-vival Batman, and with a worthless reply
French Laundry is in another Stratosphere.Melisse and Providence take the bill here.
Amazing food, presentation, and servie. Prices are through the roof.
Desert/Chukka Boot is the choice, especially this time of year.
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