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Not bad. I think I might go 44, seems like they run TTS to slightly small. I'm a 43 in Common Projects Chukka, 44 in their sneakers, and a 10.5 in the Alden Snuff Suede Chukka, so i am thinking 44 is the size for me. That and I prefer Leather on this boot, but good looking out on the SUFU sale, someone else should jump on that.
BUMP Any more Diemme love or people happy with the boots? Been seeing the Danner Stumptowns getting more love around here. I personally prefer the profile on the Diemme Roccia Vet's more. I am just trying to validate if I should continue to rape my CC, and before the holidays
Just ordered my pair of Gunmetals
Leffot give you any idea when they might drop?
Anyone else pre-order the Alden Indy boot in natural chromexcel with commando soles from Leffot? Been dying lately and want those bad boys to come in already!
Love it there.
Aren't the inseams like 34? Probably need to alter them anyways, but enjoy the pants. I was thinking of getting them in gunmetal too after I got their email this morning. Cool color.
*wink* *wink*My cheap ass called them last week and made up a story about missing the sale and seeing if they could give me 20% off a one time order, and they did Ask and you shall recieve
^^^^ YAHTZE! You made out, good stuff there.
New Posts  All Forums: