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So did I, but in washed tan.Currently have 4 Chukkas in various shades of Brown, including the snuff suede chukka. looking for a black one and thinking LS black flex chukka might be the best call.
Can someone reccomend me a good "casual" black Chukka? Was looking at Leather Souls Flex Chukka, anyone have any other reccomendations?
Got my Navy yesterday, fit is great. Sweater is a bit longer, but I think it elongates the torso nicely. Sleeves are good, bit tight in the chest, but I have larger chest/shoulders so that is too be expected. Think I might kop another one soon, real nice sweater overall.
I'm a 44 in CP's, but had to size down to the 43's in the CP Chukka boots.
Billy Reid 20% Off CYBER
I've seen these, #twitterEUR / #twitterUSD / #twitterGBP / #twitterSEK. Maybe you should try #twitterSDG ....?
No codes, they have their "context cash" that's it, and occasional sales.
#twitterUSDI think it's like 10% which whne you add that to the 20% off VAT, it's not bad.
Agree. "Maybe" once a week they have a sale that is remotely worth while, everything else is pure crap.
Yeah CP's have gone up like WHOA over the years. My first pair I got on sale for $190, marked down from $250. The Corner is is usually a JOKE price wise on CP's, but based on their sale and where others are priced, aside from maybe $10 or so, the prices The Corner has now is as good as it will get right now. Unless it's like some super crazy blow out sale for a few obscure sizes later in the season and or shitty colors. If they have a pair you like now buy them. I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: