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It's not indigo, so it shouldn't bleed.....
Get a large.We are the same measurements, other than you being 4 damn inches taller, and the L fits me great, though it is a bit longer, hereto perfect for you.
Looks great. How many washes/soaks?I've had my 0705SP's for about a year and a half, sporadically worn, no major creases like yours sadly
Bought them, thank you.($65 for shipping.....a bit steep)
Cool, thank you
BCC, are the Grey Snuff Suedes like the Smoke Reverse Kudu on Vibergs site?
When will the clash crew drop?
Look legit to me
Just wait for Thursday. This thread is about to BLOW
Too late, already sold out. Oh well, will wait for next restock. Thanks for letting em the promo was still going on.
New Posts  All Forums: