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Awesome, thank you.
Kiya, Any chance the LA store has size 31 or 32 in IH 8301s SBG "Super Black Fade-To-Gray" Denim - Slim Cut in stock? Figuered I'd ask here before they open up shop. Thanks,
I think it varries. Need Supply and Hickorees for example seem to sell out on good sizes and prints quick. Whereas other not as popular stockists usually have inventory deep into the season.
Most do go on sale, but you'll rarely find popular sizes like Medium on sale. Not uncommon for pieces to sell out full price too.
Agree, Navy def looks sharp
^^^^ Agree, I want that!
Looks good, slim but definetly fits you
I'd say Large
They usually have a solid buy, looking forward to it
Wore my Flyknit Trainers for the run portion of the Malibu Triathlon this past weekend. First time wearing them in a race, they felt great. Feet weren't sore at all after.
New Posts  All Forums: