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about a month
Looks good
I have found all of their stuff to run large.
I rotate between my Trainers and Racers.Wore my Trainers last week in the LA Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, and I got crazy blisters!Bought a pair of New Balance M1260V3's for future races. Other than that, teh shoes have held up really well.
Fvcking classic!
Not that I am aware of.Call Jay at Blue Owl, if you buy a pair and they don't work, he'll happily exchange for you.
Tough call, due to your height I'd say M, but weight S.
In Seattle for business so I stopped by Blue Owl, great shop, and if you think Jay and the Blue Owl crews online service is great, just wait till you visit them in person. Got my BOM006's hemmed, and picked up a great pair of The West is Dead Chinos. Thanks again Jay, and seriously anyone who is in Seattle, make sure you stop by and visit the Blue Owl store!
PSA NT Dallas has a decent size run of the FK Multi color racers stock. Just picked up a pair
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