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I find the polos to fit "slightly" larger. If you are between sizes, go down. If not go TTS
I'll bite...... Travis Mathew makes good ones
Cool, I've given up on close up pant sniffing so these should be perfect!
Jay, do the new Japan Blue x Blue Owl Hanpu smell like sulfur? Love my Rogue Territory Stealth Stantons, but got to admit, the sulfur smell is kinda gross.
Couldn't disagree more.I mean to each there own, we all have different bodies, fits, etc. But I always get compliments on my white denim. I think chicks dig a guy confident enough to wear and pull off white denim.
Lulu lemon makes great yoga/lounge shorts. A buddy of mine started this company, blew up on kickstarter, I've got two pair of their shorts. They're a good option for a shorter active/lounge short http://oliversapparel.com/
The Dress Code on 26th, just off San Vicente /SM is a good place too.
TTS for me, though some size down 1
I think I paid like $225 from BiG last year. I spoke to Jay at Blue Owl this past summer, and he mentioned that they were going to stock them this S/S.
My absolute favorite jean I own.
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