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Went a little crazy at NT today. They have some great new running training gear, picked up the 7" Phenom shorts, 2 of the new dri fit short sleeve running shirts, one long sleeve version, long sleeve dry fit sprint crew, dri fit v neck, and the new reflective tights. Yeah it'll all go on sale, but fuck it. Training for the LA Marathon and even if i can't break 3hrs, I'll look better than those skinny a-holes who do.
It progressively goes lower and lower until most if not all items are sold out. Usually opens around 30% and closes at 60%
Saw those. Pretty cool. They are brand new, so likely no clearance till later in spring early summer when it warms up.
Selling a very lightly worn Quoddy x Leffot Village Mocc. Wore these no more than 5 times. Shoes are in perfect shape. Soles show wear, but are in great shape. These shoes were a limited special run back in Marck of 2011. Here's the description from Leffot's site... Our Quoddy x Leffot Village Moc in Retro Camel nubuck are back in stock. The handsewn bottom on these puppies is thick, yet supple, Chromepak leather, which is oil soaked to the point of being palpable, a most...
Dig it
I'm wearing my 0705SP's today. Nice jean, great texture and feel to it. They won't shrink much on you, or really stretch all that much either. I went TTS, and aside form putitng about 9 months of wear in them, and slimming down a bit weight wise, they fit pretty much the same as the day I bought them. No washes or soaks yet.
Anyone recommend a good shoe tree for the 1K boots?
Sales up at Saturdays NYC
It's all online.
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