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I'd say Large
They usually have a solid buy, looking forward to it
Wore my Flyknit Trainers for the run portion of the Malibu Triathlon this past weekend. First time wearing them in a race, they felt great. Feet weren't sore at all after.
M would work for you waist wise, but the length will be short. I am sure the L will be just fine.
I'm a 31 and the M fits great.
GospelJay seriously offers the absolute best customer service of any online shop I have ever dealt with.
Anyone have pics, or can coment on the fit of the Red Wing for J.Crew Beckman boots? Digging the broken in look, how do they look/wear in person?
Good to know. Assuming Jay still has the 30 or 31 in stock, this likely made my decision to nix the 30 and opt for the 31. Hope he still has it.....
Looks good. Looking at the measurements, would have guess that the 31 would have worked for you since you are an 31 in NF WG. Spoke to Jay, and it looks like most smaller sizes are sold out.
You guys get the slim or tapered? Thinking about getting the tapered, rise on the slim looks high.
New Posts  All Forums: