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Dude, remind me what gym you go to? Sounds like some scuzz valley 24 hour fitness or something.Step your game up to Equinox son!
20% off Indigo & Cotton Thursday - Sunday Code "STUFFING"
Dig it, thanks!
Could be. First Lure sweater I've had but it is longer than my Alter triple blue from last year. Still, fit in the body and arms is the same. Pretty happy with it overall. Thinking about picking up the Momento, reading a bunch of old posts here, thinking I go Medium on the Momento assuming the fit is "relaxed" like some said
Got my SNS Lure sweater from End today. Since I shipped it to my work, and we have a corporate FedEx account, no idea if I was hit with duty or not. But I can attest that the length on this sweater (size large) is definetly longer than previous seasons sweaters.
Looks good!
Anyone switch up the laces on their 1K's? Thinking of putting some red laces on my Brown 1K's, wanted to know if anyone has pics of their own this way. Gracias.
about a month
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