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They are now. Usually starts at like 30% off, eventually making it's way to 50%, then that's it.
Probably should have asked this before ordering, but I wear a 3 in Band of outsiders, perfect fit. Ordered the Vintage Ivy shirts in Tokyo Slim size L. Think i'll be good?
....and in the suburbs, mini vans, SUV's, and puss bags in their Priuses with Obama '12 stickers
Why the fuck are trader Joe's lots all so damn small and constantly crowded?!?!?
I weigh 180lbs, 32 waist and I have them in Medium.
NT Santa Monica had the tech pants in L-XXL
When will the Reigning Champ x Beauty & Youth be online?
Are these available anywhere?
Murcielago is old news, new shit is the Aventador
I have it too, but do not like how the red shows when you roll the cuffs up.
New Posts  All Forums: