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Bummer, no box thing......
I just created one, no discount code provided...?
JE no longer doing the 10% off for creating an account....?
@johnellitott, restock in the dark grey hood villain any time soon?
Looks great Jay!
W+H looks good, but those Notre ones are fire. Pre-ordered them today
Pre Ordering the matte blacks. EXACTLY the boot I was looking for, just wish they'd be available sooner than March.......
He does put truffle oil and some sea salt on a lot of the sushi. By no means is it drenched in it, nor does it mask the fishes taste, but it is there.The location is fine. It is in a mini mall in Canoga Park/West Hills. If you're in the area, and or live in the Valley it is worth a visit. Won't blow your mind, but it is a quality spot.
He has amazing quality fish, I was there yesterday, and it never disappoints. He gets very fresh and rare types of fish too. Best crab, tuna/toro, and wild salmon (when in season) I have ever had.Prices are high, but you get what you pay for. You are not paying for the scuzzy West Valley strip mall location or the interior d├ęcor.
Surprised to read this. Yes it is in a total shit hole, and the restaurant itself seriously looks like you're eating in the kitchen, but the quality of fish they serve there is amazing. Go back mid week for lunch and get the omakase, You'll enjoy it
New Posts  All Forums: