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March code? Looking to pick up some Rogue Officer pants.
Buy my Barbour jacket pictured in my sig below!
They're great, and I have a big dome too. Go TTS, the fit is slim but not tight whatsoever.
Was looking at a Washington cut suit online, but my size is sold out. Anyone have luck in ordering from a brick and mortar over the phone?
Got a res for this Saturday, but all this talk on Plan Check and looking at their menu is making me rethink my plans....
Anyone have any opinions/recommendations on Laurel Hardware?
Selling my NWOT Barbour Challenger waxed jacket. Bought the jacket new, never worn outside of the house, the fit is not great on me, and truthfully it rarely rains nor gets cold enough in LA to wear this thing. Jacket is in perfect condition, has a slim yet not tight fit. Chest is approx 42" across. Size Large, comes with a fancy plastic Barbour hanger too. - Mediumweight 6oz Barbour Sylkoil wax. - Quilted polyamide body lining with polyamide sleeve lining. - Studded...
ChampagneHandjob....sounds nice.Those look gREAT, I need to wear mine more often!
Great, but when will there be a restock in Large?
interesting, will check out for sure once they drop
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