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Notre Shop has a similar pre order going now. Contact them
My bad. There were like 10 pages of subscription posts that I didn't read.I'll front my $$ when it's time, and FWIW this is the first time I've bought here, which is crazy seeing is how long I have been a member
We voting? I'd say #6
Contact them directly either by email or phone. You paypal a 50% deposit up front (or pay in full) and the balance once the boots arrive which they anticipate being July
Notre Shop just announced some nice new markups they are doing. Contact Notre directly for a pre order, they are not advertising and I understand many sizes are already spoken for.... I. Service Boot in Medium Gray Calf Last: 2030 Toe: Plain Toe Structure: Unstructured Heel Tab: No Tongue: Medium Gray Calf Sole: Dainite Mid Sole: Natural Eyelet Type: Gunmetal Eyelet #: Eight Upper Stitch: Tonal Sole Stitch: White Laces: 1 set – Black Round Lace, 1 set – Black...
Siting tight till the final options are in.....
Sounds sharp
Sounds sharp
Yeah, I think he just said a restock coming soon.Saving up funds till then.....
You guys getting them?I think Viberg is releasing soon on their site.
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