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I'm wearing my 0705SP's today. Nice jean, great texture and feel to it. They won't shrink much on you, or really stretch all that much either. I went TTS, and aside form putitng about 9 months of wear in them, and slimming down a bit weight wise, they fit pretty much the same as the day I bought them. No washes or soaks yet.
Anyone recommend a good shoe tree for the 1K boots?
Sales up at Saturdays NYC
It's all online.
The tongues have sifted on my boots too.
BOOM!....and if you are willing to slum it out to the Valley, Vinh Loi Tofu in Reseda
Just bought my first pair of Rogues, got the Stanton in Stealth from Jay at Blue Owl. Can anyone attest to the amount of shrinkage in length? Trying to determine the best inseam. Thanks
They run small
Jay, tell us some more about Japan Blue x Blue Owl tease you posted on your FB page....
Interesting, this is the first time I have seen it work on CHUP socks. Cop'd two pur
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