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Wearing my new Olive Calf service boots today. My first (of 3 Vibergs), not sure what took me so long to jump on board. the hype is real with these.
Nice!The grey kudu and olive guidi look so unique, I had to have them. Might be unloading some Common Projects and Aldens to make room in my closet....
Those look great.
Going to Bestia tonight. Benn there before, but forgot the must order items. What can't be missed....?
Jumped into the Viberg pool head first. Bought the Grey Kudu and Olive Calf service boots, will post up some pics once they arrive. Also got the Matte Black Calf's from Notre, but sadly those aren't shipping till March..... All three are different lasts (I think), bought 10D on all. Praying they work out.
Just got my Midnight Villain today. Totally buying the hype here, great piece and love the fit. @JohnElliottCo, any chance there will be a pitch black villain restock soon...?
Midnight Villain bought
Goes on sale tomorrow morning
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