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I told you! Serious fucking eye candy thereWhere in the Valley you live?
Stay the hell away from living in Sun Valley. Shit hole and dangerous. I think NoHo, Burbank, Glendale, Toluca Lake are good options.
Went to Gracias Madre for the first time last night. Drinks were excellent, very unique, food was good, wasn't expecting much, I mean as far as Vegan Mexican goes I guess it can't be beat. Real pretty restaurant and great patio. Holy smoke shows batman! That place was seriously flooded with smoking hot instagram/fashion blogger type of chicks. That and the drinks made the night worth it.
All sizes? I didn't get a notification which I signed up for
Pre ordered the Service Boot in Rust Stampede a month or two ago, I think he said they were shooting for a July delivery
We need the charcoal clash restock
My new Matte Black Service Boots from Notre
Anyone been to Terrine yet and or have an opinion on it? Looking at going there in a few weeks
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