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5 Year basic T from Lulu Lemon
Not hijacking the EP thread here, but not only does Lulu make an excellent sweat short, so does Reigning Champ.
I have the navy/red one from this past winter and it has a slightly heavier feeling to it due to the second color pin dot weave.
'14 S/S Emmett shorts dropping this week in stores, and more popping up online in the next few days. Really love these shorts, usually pick up a pair or two early on, then re-stock when they cut the price in half by late summer.
Laurel Hardware last night, good spot. Pork ribs were great, lolli pop sprouts (baked brussels sprouts), and the burger were my my favorites. Got a few other dishes, but those three were the best. Solid drink menu. Checked out the new Unionmade at the grove today. Normally stay as far as humanly possible away from the grove, but their new spot is great, and the fact that it is kinda hidden off the main part of the Grove is nice. Better selections than their brentwood...
March code? Looking to pick up some Rogue Officer pants.
Buy my Barbour jacket pictured in my sig below!
They're great, and I have a big dome too. Go TTS, the fit is slim but not tight whatsoever.
Was looking at a Washington cut suit online, but my size is sold out. Anyone have luck in ordering from a brick and mortar over the phone?
Got a res for this Saturday, but all this talk on Plan Check and looking at their menu is making me rethink my plans....
New Posts  All Forums: