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Mine are due here Wednesday, I need these things in my life!
You'll be happy with that boot. Been wearing mine more than any other of late
Just bought those Horse Ass Viberg x Context boots. Super pumped, they look so damn good in the pics. Will post up some live shots when they arrive. Going to sell 2 pairs of Alden's (one is shell cordovan) to free up some closet space.
Heard it's excellent, but Mozza is better for pizza
i'm down for sure.I think there's better spots on Ventura East of the 405, but some decent spots out this way. Haven't been, but heard that Gasolina on Ventura in Woodland Hills is a solid fast spot.
Alimento was excellent. Definitely a new favorite, that fried chicken sandwich.......
Going to Alimento tonight, any must try dishes?
Valley gets hated on, and the funny thing is most people who hate aren't even from LA, transplants that moved here and feel like they need to keep up with the whole Valley sucks thing. Sure, a lot of the Valley is a dump, it can get HOT AS FUCKING BALLS i.e. Today, but there are some nice spots in the Valley for sure. Some good resturants been opening up lately in the Sherman Oaks/Studio City area.
I told you! Serious fucking eye candy thereWhere in the Valley you live?
Stay the hell away from living in Sun Valley. Shit hole and dangerous. I think NoHo, Burbank, Glendale, Toluca Lake are good options.
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