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Couldn't disagree more.I mean to each there own, we all have different bodies, fits, etc. But I always get compliments on my white denim. I think chicks dig a guy confident enough to wear and pull off white denim.
Lulu lemon makes great yoga/lounge shorts. A buddy of mine started this company, blew up on kickstarter, I've got two pair of their shorts. They're a good option for a shorter active/lounge short http://oliversapparel.com/
The Dress Code on 26th, just off San Vicente /SM is a good place too.
TTS for me, though some size down 1
I think I paid like $225 from BiG last year. I spoke to Jay at Blue Owl this past summer, and he mentioned that they were going to stock them this S/S.
My absolute favorite jean I own.
El Tepeyac, BOOM!
I think it depends how often you wear it and how much aduse it takes. But typically it is good to cycle in/out within a year
I don't need any more shoes, but those are tempting
Don't know off hand, but I think like 7.5-8" They are a bit shorter than most, but I wear them lower on my hips, works well. My problem is they are pricey, and normally don;t get on sale till like Sept/Oct.
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