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Too late, already sold out. Oh well, will wait for next restock. Thanks for letting em the promo was still going on.
Bummer, no box thing......
I just created one, no discount code provided...?
JE no longer doing the 10% off for creating an account....?
@johnellitott, restock in the dark grey hood villain any time soon?
Looks great Jay!
W+H looks good, but those Notre ones are fire. Pre-ordered them today
Pre Ordering the matte blacks. EXACTLY the boot I was looking for, just wish they'd be available sooner than March.......
He does put truffle oil and some sea salt on a lot of the sushi. By no means is it drenched in it, nor does it mask the fishes taste, but it is there.The location is fine. It is in a mini mall in Canoga Park/West Hills. If you're in the area, and or live in the Valley it is worth a visit. Won't blow your mind, but it is a quality spot.
He has amazing quality fish, I was there yesterday, and it never disappoints. He gets very fresh and rare types of fish too. Best crab, tuna/toro, and wild salmon (when in season) I have ever had.Prices are high, but you get what you pay for. You are not paying for the scuzzy West Valley strip mall location or the interior d├ęcor.
New Posts  All Forums: