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Fucking over this heat
Fig and Olive is a nice spot. The ambiance is the best part IMO. Food is good, has a French Mediterranean vibe to it. Crostinis and Crudo are great.
They do fit on the larger size......just sayin'
I had the belt in my cart, but gave it up. Regret not getting it
Love these boots
Indeed. Someone SHOULD buy these.
Word up
Yeah, I noticed that and completely agree on the width and look of the boot
Just got them, so no live action shots yet, but here's a pretty pic of the boot on my work desk.I live in LA, so unless this "Godzilla El Nino" strikes, not too worried about rain, and I don't baby my boots parse, but I won't be working in the fields with my fancy city boy $895 Horsebutt boots. That being said, I will probably sit tight like you said and see how the leather reacts and ages.These boots seriously are gorgeous.
New Posts  All Forums: