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That's a decent amount of climb for only 24mi
FOR SALE Reigning Champ Tiger Fleece Sweatpants (Blue/White) Size SMALL Pants are in perfect condition, will ship in US for free, will ship international for a flat $20 fee. More pics or questions answered upon request. Measurements Waist : 30in Rise: 10in Length: 31in
Just getting in here. Nice ride Fueco, what's your Strava handle? Most of my rides/runs are for Triathlon training
Leaning that way. I think the L would be too baggy. Thank you
I know it has been asked AD NAUSEUM, but I am a 31/32 waist with athletic legs from cycling. For the Escobar sweats, would I be looking at a M or L? Thank you
This.Sales do end, but generally if you put something in your cart and it does not sell out, you can be ok for some time.
They dohttp://blueowl.us/product/momotaro-going-to-battle-157oz-tight-straight-raw-selvedge-womens-denim-model-7003sp/
Yes, first one is blue/black short sleeve. the second shirt sold.
It's not that I was expecting Burgers, I just remember loving it the first time I went. Not that I was let down this past time, it was good, but I just wasn't quite as impressed.
Must be living under a rock, never even heard of Factory Kitchen. Checked out their site and place looks legit. Will try sometime soon. Side note, went to Rustic Canyon for the first time in about 2 years, I didn't know they changed chefs, hereto no more burger (boo!). Food was good nothing amazing, place still kills it though.
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