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Shrink about an inch in the waist and up to 2 inches in length. I have found that after a few wears post wash/soak, the waist will open back up a bit
Bought these jeans new from Blue Owl, but only wore twice, decided I did not like the fit on me. They retail at $295, so get them at a great discount here. I had the jeans chain stitched to a 33" inch inseam. Here is info on the jeans taken from the Blue Owl blog.... Momotaro Copper Label 14.7oz "slim tapered" raw selvedge denim in vintage indigo- Model G004-MB. 100% Zimbabwe cotton. The Vintage Indigo color is bright indigo that is perfect for spring or summer or wearing...
BOOM! Alimento #1. They call it a Chicken Milanese Sandwich, don't really get the Italian spin on it but it is so fucking good. Been there twice, each time we have ordered two of them.Desserts at Alimento are ehhhh, nothing special. Go across the street to Milk for some bomb dessert.
Agree with Alimento. Excellent spot, very low key, but they do everything so well. Best Fried Chicken sandwich ever by the way.
But as a sane person, you can't fathom dropping $415 coin on a novelty shirt.You're welcome.
Looks good. Real like the BOM00X, likely going to pick up a pair myself.
Who talks shit online in a fashion forum thread dedicated to boots? I think all the cowboys, supermans, Porsche drivers, etc can settle down and move on.
Agree, been wanting this one for a while.
I've got 5 pairs of Momo's and non have stretched more than an inch, plus it generally shrinks back after a wash
I plan on getting a pair. You say you are a 34, but in what brands, and what cuts? Not knowing the answer to those questions, I would say you would definitely be good in a 33 on either cut, and possibly even a 32 on the Natural Tapered.My waist is a true 32 and I plan on getting a 31 in the Natural Tapered.
New Posts  All Forums: