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I had the belt in my cart, but gave it up. Regret not getting it
Love these boots
Indeed. Someone SHOULD buy these.
Word up
Yeah, I noticed that and completely agree on the width and look of the boot
Just got them, so no live action shots yet, but here's a pretty pic of the boot on my work desk.I live in LA, so unless this "Godzilla El Nino" strikes, not too worried about rain, and I don't baby my boots parse, but I won't be working in the fields with my fancy city boy $895 Horsebutt boots. That being said, I will probably sit tight like you said and see how the leather reacts and ages.These boots seriously are gorgeous.
Got my Context Horsebutt boots today. I usually spray most of my boots with this 3M water replant thing, works fine. Can I use the same thing on these, or should I go another route?
Size up
Selling a pair of gently used Wolverine Courtland 1000 Mile boots in Black size 10D. Boots have been worn sparingly over the past year. All in all in very good shape, right boot has some wrinkles in the toe box, but that is about it. Boots were stored in their original box and come with the Wolverine dust cloth. Boots are Horween Chromexcel leather and with a Goodyear Welt. They feature a leather outsole is with a Vibram rubber pad and heel. Additional pictures provided...
Selling a pair of Alden x Leffot Natural CXL Indy Boot size 10D. Boots were purchased brand new from Leffot, and were worn sparingly over the past 2 years, all in all good shape, though do show some scuffs and wear. I patina'd them for you! Boots were always stored in their original box, with boot bags, and cedar Alden shoe trees. These boots feature a Commando sole,speed hooks, original flat laces. Built on the trubalance last, in size 10D. Additional pictures provided...
New Posts  All Forums: