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Just received my green madder tie today and delighted with it.
Ditto on the East London scarf. Deferred, but significant, gratification.
I like the difference in value (degree of brightness versus darkness) that tie no. 3 exhibits (higher value) in contrast to the charcoal grey suit (very low value).
I have one of the wool plaid ones and am very satisfied.
Olive, muted check odd jacket, 3-roll-2, flapped pockets.
Spent a couple of very pleasant hours with Chris Despos and got in line for an odd jacket. Charming man with impressive tailoring skills!
I like the idea of the scaled-up tweed provided it has a soft finish.
I had a nice jacket made at Tai Pan Tailor on West Broadway, fully canvassed, but it took a few months. Worth the wait in my opinion.
I would be in for olive green...would prefer a darker green.
Silk/linen was worth the wait - exceptional! Thanks, Derek, for bringing it off.
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