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I had a nice jacket made at Tai Pan Tailor on West Broadway, fully canvassed, but it took a few months. Worth the wait in my opinion.
I would be in for olive green...would prefer a darker green.
Silk/linen was worth the wait - exceptional! Thanks, Derek, for bringing it off.
Just wanted to say how much I like my Sage de Cret patchwork jacquard coat, great visual interest, goes as well with suits as jeans. See my size sold out quickly - not much room for hesitation with a lot of NMWA stock.
Searched the thread without success, but if this has been covered, apologies in advance. Looking for linen or a linen blend in a chalkstripe or awning stripe in tan and cream or olive and cream or similar, to make up as a summer jacket. Any source?
Just received my plum Sangdao Thai rough silk tie (no.9) and think it is , by far, my most versatile casual tie. Goes with my navy, dark blue, brown, gold, and grey odd jackets. Interesting texture, like a grenadine, but snag- resistant. That, and my Hober navy twill are the two most useful ties in my closet.
Love those spectators!
Thanks for the tips!
Apologies in advance if this is the wrong thread to ask this, but I will be visiting SF next week and would like to shop for a scarf, jewelry , and or accessories for a new female friend. Any recommendations for where to look?
[B[/B] Received my second round of Factory Finds, olive flannels and salt and pepper donegal tweeds, and love them. Would like some purple Walt cords. Congratulations on the first year, Mike and Adele.
New Posts  All Forums: