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HAL9000, I'm usually a size 28, so I skipped out on the Kickstarter. These guys were right down the street from me and I really wanted to support an exciting up and coming local business, so I emailed Josh and Stephen and they had me come by (they're currently working out of a loft apartment in downtown SF). They told me that they do even less vanity sizing than most of the premium selvage brands, and lo and behold, I was very comfortably able to fit into one of the 29s....
Don't bite on the AE tent sale - I feel like there are always opportunities to get AEs for cheap. Last year on Black Friday I was able to snag a pair of Kenilworths for $160, and the year before I got a pair of chromexcel Bayfield boots for $150. The factory seconds are perfectly fine and they're constantly running promotions on those. Also, depending on your feelings about used shoes - I know some people wouldn't dream of it - like-new AEs can often be had for less than $50.
Oof that was tough. The Aquascutum was one of their new slim models in a size 34 - usually goes for $600 at retail and sold for $170 on Ebay. The vintage models are like tents on a tiny guy like me. I let it pass because I was away from my desk, but I definitely feel like I violated the spirit of the NPC... probably would have pulled the trigger if I had been sitting at my desk.
Ah crap, Aquascutum raincoat. I've been eyeing one of these for years and now I might be able to snag one for less than $200...
Just curious, how do we stand on clothing care accessories - hangers, shoe cream, etc? I need a new iron and probably a shoe brush. I can easily hold out a month for them, but regardless, do things like that count?
Thank goodness. I need this - in!
Beautiful Italian made calfskin penny loafers with a sleek silhouette. Fratelli Rossetti loafers seem to be go to loafers for GQ shoots. They retail at over $550. Brand new and flawless. I believe these are Blake stitched. Please note that these are marked as UK 7.5 - I am a US 8.5. Looking for 210 shipped CONUS OBO. Foreign buyers welcome, message me for shipping details.
Classic Polo windbreaker - will never go out of style! A staple for late spring or early fall. $35 shipped CONUS OBO.
Awesome waxed bomber/baseball jacket from Saturdays Surf NYC, made for Gap and GQ's Best Menswear Designers 2012 line. Great trim fit, size small, made of Scottish waxed cotton. Pit-to-pit: 20" Shoulders: 18" Length: 25" Arm: 25.5" $120 shipped CONUS OBO. Foreign buyers welcome, message me for shipping details.
Soft lightweight flannel shirt in Brooks's Extra Slim Fit. Worn maybe twice, just clearing out my closet! $30 shipped OBO. Foreign buyers welcome, message me for shipping details.
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