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Vintage Herringbone wool blazer from Patrick James, a classic California clothier. Fabric is really soft for herringbone and not at all scratchy. Half lined, single vent. In fantastic condition, no pilling, holes, or rips. Has a faded Union Made tag in the pocket. No visible sizing tag, but has been altered to fit a 36R. Awesome blazer for fall. Measurements: Pit to pit - 18.5 Length in back - 30 Across shoulders - 17 Shoulder to sleeve - 25.5 Price drop - 45 shipped OBO
I'd say this is pretty open to interpretation, it's hard to get a proper insole measurement. The outsole is 4.25 inches at the widest and 12 inches at the longest, but also take into account that these are chunky double oak soles that are probably a little wider than most. For reference, I'm usually an 8E or an 8.5D in Allen Edmonds.
These are amazing and in immaculate brand new condition. I'd keep them if I didn't already have a pair of LWBs. Anyone who has a pair from this era can probably attest that you only really need one pair of these essential shoes, as they'll probably outlive you. The Crown Windsor line was top line for Bostonian, in line with Florsheim Imperials, J&M Crown Aristocrafts, and Hanover LB Sheppards. The signature Hanover "Comfort Arch" present in these shoes seems to suggest...
I guess I'm the first one on the forum to get my slims, so I'll post some fit pics. Also added a comparison photo with a pair of Naked and Famous Weird Guys - the cut is pretty similar. Also, I must say for 15 oz denim, these are already pretty damn comfy (for raws, anyways).
HAL9000, I'm usually a size 28, so I skipped out on the Kickstarter. These guys were right down the street from me and I really wanted to support an exciting up and coming local business, so I emailed Josh and Stephen and they had me come by (they're currently working out of a loft apartment in downtown SF). They told me that they do even less vanity sizing than most of the premium selvage brands, and lo and behold, I was very comfortably able to fit into one of the 29s....
Don't bite on the AE tent sale - I feel like there are always opportunities to get AEs for cheap. Last year on Black Friday I was able to snag a pair of Kenilworths for $160, and the year before I got a pair of chromexcel Bayfield boots for $150. The factory seconds are perfectly fine and they're constantly running promotions on those. Also, depending on your feelings about used shoes - I know some people wouldn't dream of it - like-new AEs can often be had for less than $50.
Oof that was tough. The Aquascutum was one of their new slim models in a size 34 - usually goes for $600 at retail and sold for $170 on Ebay. The vintage models are like tents on a tiny guy like me. I let it pass because I was away from my desk, but I definitely feel like I violated the spirit of the NPC... probably would have pulled the trigger if I had been sitting at my desk.
Ah crap, Aquascutum raincoat. I've been eyeing one of these for years and now I might be able to snag one for less than $200...
Just curious, how do we stand on clothing care accessories - hangers, shoe cream, etc? I need a new iron and probably a shoe brush. I can easily hold out a month for them, but regardless, do things like that count?
Thank goodness. I need this - in!
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