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I've done it myself. My Banana Republic ties are always too long and wide. I had my own pattern so I recut the fabric to my pattern and had it sewn up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven My sample sale had samples from a factory in mauritious, some Barney's second, Some mistakes that maus & Haufman rejected, as well as shirts that I did not deliver to customers, first samples or items that came up to small. I also had a number of shirts that were made when i was not that busy. i have to keep workers busy or lose them. the last batch is on the internet as well. there are several services that...
The fabric is folded inside on the cuff, but if you have surgen cuffs, the button holes are punched through the reverse side as well. generally, functional cuffs are seen on MTM or Bespoke suits and not RTW for that reason.
I really want to buy one or two of these, but I dont have pay pal set up... I'm not even sure how to use pay pal... Is there a way you can just charge my card without me signing up with them?
2 1/4" Wide Tie 3 - 1/2" Stripes, 1/4" Apart Top stripe is 12" up from the bottom end of the tie BTW, if you dont use this, how much is it to make a sample?
Anything in Banana Republic's Heritage or Monogram collections... not the regular stuff though
wow i wish this was a size 0 nice price
you'll probably get 1/4" of an inch and the labor would be more than its worth.
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