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Still got sizes left for the Kobe 9s. Just copped by calling http://sneakerpolitics.com/collections/new/products/nike-kobe-9-mid-ext-black-black
Use to read
Went through the same dilemma. Mismo or Everlane in grey/navy. I have a Filson rucksack in green for years. Switch it up.Copped the Nordic Camo Mismo when it dropped to $250 on Tres Bien. Carson Street had a drop this past season to $220. The Mismo is a tank and can fit a desktop computer. It's dope and waterproof.
those were the days.... They were an affiliate thread too.
Definitely dopped! Just copped. thx
damn that holds well.
New Cure sz down 1. The Baldwin Henley's fit nicely too.
Carson Street marked down the navy Mismo backpack to $175 but it was sold out at $234. What's going on here? Hella frontin' like they really sold that backpack at 70% off.
$57 though! Anyone cop? http://themensmarket.com/gitman-vintage-bandana-printed-long-sleeve-button-down-shirt-blue-multi/
Russell has more marketing power right now but Swaggy P is getting up there. Swaggy's one of the most entertaining hoopers out there, plus dating Iggy is a huge plus. Swaggy P always be clowning peeps love that. Russell a little bit too I'm da shit, with his game, how he talks to media, etc. Swaggy be on Supreme, Balmain and whatever Kobe shoes are out there. I'm a lil partial to Swaggy cause he did an event wit my org to surprise kids at a high school encouraging all...
New Posts  All Forums: