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25% off APC (basically everything) at East Dane.
Thanks everyone for the recs!!! Wife and I had a great time on the baby moon. Bollywood, Carte Blanche and Beast are superior. Agree with you guys on Pok pok, I can just do the wings, papaya salad and coconut rice. Worked in Pine State since the wait for Tasty and Sons was ridiculous. All of PDX came out this past sunny Sunday. I'm always in town visiting family. Keeping me posted on new recs.
I'll be down for the next order. You guys thinking about any lettering?
Got to rock these bad boys since it was a sunny day in Seattle.
Haha nice one... You can always catch CPs on sale too. Copped mines for like $2-250.
I like them. Barneys released them 5 hours ago but sold out in the mens. I slept on them to make sure I was good for work. You copping?
Anyone know what times these drop at Barneys.com? Cop?
Damn that's how much the OKC Thunder was sold for. Howard Schultz should have bought Caribou with that money.
Blue Bottle is doing it with the capital backing going for the exponential growth. Were the recent NYC stores opened with the 25M? Was Stumptown the only other place that went West Coast East Coast? Probably internally generated funds?
Digging the 1st pair of lows and probably get the hi-top fix from the Billy forces.
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