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Nike Air Max Plus TN.
dang. trying to replace the Kyrie 2s and that traction is incredible. What do you use to hoop?
Anyone hoop in the XXXI?
@RFX45 How do the Crazy Explosives feel on the court? I'm debating between them and Jordan XXX1. I love Ultra Boost but the SuperNova boost for running kind of suck.
Slam Jam Socialism MID30 30% APC, Nike, Stone Island, Adidas
you only pay the fee if the transaction goes through. Better than the resellers at 4 hundred.
Took a big L in 2013 so had to go with a Bot/Add to Cart service for $75. Got lucky with the SNKRS draw too. Thank you Sneaker God.
Few joints where you could that price for Ultra boost. Peep the Sweat Shop (UK) and Road Runner Sports VIP. I copped my black gradients for 30% off earlier this year.
Those spiridons are sick!!! Just copped the black ones though.
Those are so sick and just appeared out of nowhere. I saw on Marc Dolce's IG one day and then boom. Copped the black city sock nmd but doesnt come close to ultra boost comfort.
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