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yeah it sold about two weeks ago. Hear you with houses.
What's up you working at Amazon? Not sure if I plug in here or the classified section, I'm putting up my South Lake Union Condo www.Veerlofts.com for sale next week. Here's the link to Zillow. It's a Vulcan Building (Paul Allen) that I purchased in 2008. There's another unit if you want a full size loft right here for 538k. 3 units sold in my building in the past two months, hopefully the hype is good. I love living in SLU but my 1 year old needs a house. Going 3-5 miles...
15% off and free ship Villain Hoodies and Mercer tees with SPRINGFEVER on Steven Alan. http://www.stevenalan.com/designers-john-elliott
Returned the Gilt purchases (one was the buffalo plaid). They were advertise as Gitman Vintage but were actually Gitman Bros.
Carson Street with the ghost markdowns for sold out Mismo bags... Love how they do this every season.
They're solid, copped a few when Tech Sweats were sold out everywhere. No butt drop and sized down. Here are the pics I posted.http://www.styleforum.net/t/311835/nike-thread/4170#post_6677444
Do you know if Nomad will adjust for the US exchange rate? thx
Emily Oberg is a dime piece.
Nike came in like Batman with that ACG coat.
Buddy at the sale said one person cleaned them out koppin 65 shirts.
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