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Quote: Originally Posted by sazon 2011 version is navy blue. 2010 was black. Is the color the only difference?
Is that Fireman's Jacket the same that was in the 2010 S/S lookbook? The one on the website and the one on the 2010 lookbook look slightly different..
Quick question about 1947 shrinkage: How much do the shrinkage occurs in the thighs? I have relatively large thighs from weightlifting and I'm a little concerned that it might be too tight after soak. Farinellis is showing a size 32/34 thigh measurement to be 10.75. Does anyone have a post soak measurement for 32w jeans? Or can anyone just give me impressions on thigh shrinkage or whether the 2010s are roomier? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by capa How does the red chambray fit? I wear a small in J. Crew shirts. I've heard they run large, would an XS be good? I would like to know this too, but don't post the answer, PM it to me to I can beat capa to the punch if it does run larger.
Quote: Originally Posted by wikiwiz so frustrated. Id love to buy grey chambray, but xs is too tight on the shoulders and s is too big on arms and waist. am I the only one having this problem? I have the same problem as you. The XS is perfect in every way except Ii probably need an inch more in the chest and shoulders. I've come to accept that J. Crew is meant for skinnier and lankier guys with longer arms. I been wearing XS for an ultra...
Quote: Originally Posted by benny196 Check the date posted moron. I'm so sick of the sale police. Chill out. It wasn't meant to a negative post. I was only wondering because I was going to buy the same shoes but they were all sold out.
Wonder if these were from the Gilt offer a week back.
This recent sodium-phobia thing really needs to stop. Do you have hypertension? If not, stop worrying about the salt. Geeky reading:
Squat: 245 -> 315 Deadlift: 340 -> 405 BP: 195 -> 245 Powerclean: 180 -> 225 Bodyweight: 155->165
In moderate amounts, soy probably has little to no effect on your hormones. Of course, if you choose to supp with soy protein everyday, that's a different story. Unless you're doing this, don't worry about it.
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