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Finishing a tweed necktie for a very stylish gentleman Paris
Yes its true. We have winter sales in Greece and we give 30% discount on the entire collection.   And this would mean that our premium limited edition ties from € 170, are now at € 119 for European buyers and € 96 for USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Rest of the World   Our silk pocket squares, including our very popular iconic hand embroidered linen and cotton pocket square from € 85 are now € 59,5 for Europe and € 48 for USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the...
@upr_crust Your shoes Sir, are very nice
Black madder jacquard weaved silk tie, of 3.74 inch (9,5cm) width and 59 inch (150 cm) long. No interlining and 100% handmade. the fabric is fantastic and stands very well, making great knots.             You can find more information here: http://kydos.gr/store/black-silk-tie/   Paris
Dear @driving glove thank you for you kind words, it's always nice to receive good feedback for what we do
At 9 cm wide and 150 cm long, this is our Blue triangle Jacquard weaved tie, made of 100% of the finest silk spun in Como. The tie has been made in house here in Greece without interling and with our known construction technique and high attention to detail, such as well balanced folds, invincible seams, balanced patterns and more      
 Sorry it took me some time and sorry for the bad lighting which doesnt do justice to the fabrics here is the deep V i was talking about with and withour necktie    and a close up   Paris
@TweedyProf indeed it is a matter of taste and also a matter of look (it's more playful) and sometimes it can be a matter of coordination with ones jacket. You see I like wearing single button jackets, so the V shape created is deeper and wider, as the button is lower. A usual tie knot will still leave more shirt area "exposed". The knot with the slightly slided back blade creates an optical trick, the tie covers more space of the V shape and the balance on my totso looks...
@Caustic Man it is actually the fabric that make it easy On the technique though all you need is to pinch the middle of the fabrics with your first and second fingers and use your thump and your do rth finger to fold inwards the outer sides of the blade. I find that if you do this before the blade passes completed through the knot, then the result will be much better. But as said, the fabric Helps a lot
@Concordia thank you for you kind words. You shouldnt have any wrinkles with that specific fabric. Just make sure you un-knot the tie after you used it. I also find that hanging unlined ties with their back side facing upwords, helps the weft and warp relax.   But if for any reason - i cannot imagine which - the tie goes through harsh treatment, then you can use the black paper "tie bone" you received with your necktie. That "tie bone" was an iidea we created to serve...
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