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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I saw them a couple years ago open for Franz Ferdinand and thought they were one of the worst bands I've ever heard but I havent heard anything lately from them so maybe they shifted their sound away from "suck"..?? lol
Quote: Originally Posted by sartort Joseph Abboud I would deem upper middle management. LOL, so true. A+++
Quote: Originally Posted by ts4them It's amazing how much better you look without the long hair and goatee, don't bring it back. I really like your nose. A+++
terrific, thank you very much
angering whodini and other board elitists, and crusading for the little man (economically, not physically) who wants budget slim-fit items. sorry i lied about killing myself, i didn't really, i only hurt my wrists a little
ok i'll kill myself this will be my last post
yeah i really hope rugby online does do sales j. crew's sales are what make them
LOL. Doh! I'm an idiot. Ty for correcting me, friend.
Quote: Originally Posted by skiwebster i just went in to the rugby store and told them i got an email about friends and family for but i wanted to try stuff on first to make sure it fit. the salesguy told me that the store could just give me the discount and save me the hassle of ordering it online, waiting for it, etc. the shirts ended up being less than $50 each which is a few dollar cheaper than jcrew full price with the student...
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