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. price drop to $199
. shameless plug, but someone should buy my 1000 mile boots so i cans gets my right size. please
. If there is anyone in SWEDEN who is interested let me know soon. I need something from there and you could help
. price drop to $209 buy both pair for $440 shipped
. I have 2 pair of Wolverine 1000 mile boots, black size 10 and brown size 11, that I would like to trade for a size 10.5 in either boot. I have had the size 10 for a couple of months but have only worn them maybe 5 times (too small for my left foot), and the size 11 pair I bought true to size when they were first released, and wore them for about a week until deciding they were way too big. They have been in the box in the closet ever since. If there is no interest in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by srendam Are these TTS? . they run a half size big for most people
please delete, made new thread
. anybody have a pair of 10.5 they would like to trade for my size 10? they are about a month old worn maybe 4 times, look incredible. boots are black. i have plenty of pics if one so desired to see them
how has nobody bought these yet? magically make them a 10.5 and they are mine
Quote: Originally Posted by pdsf ^I tried yesterday and it didn't work Oh, the Brooklyn Circus is "supposedly" having a up-to-50%-off of all items this weekend. "Supposedly" because I am not seeing any price differences! Maybe I am missing something. http://thebkcircus.com/bkc/ it is in store only. you can bring in school ID and get further off
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