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these are tagged 31, but measure 34" waist?
interested in the tweeds, but am unsure of the 34" waist. have they been soaked, hot or cold? is the waist and inseam still the same as tagged?
what does not from an outlet mean? I know what it means, but what is the relevance? also, do you have any other photos maybe of the back or collar details?
. you should post photos of proof, this would help others who may be on the fence as well. . Quote: Originally Posted by phazeonon I was deliberating between the Katahdins vs Chippewa GQ boots for a week or so until i finally pulled a trigger on the Chippewa version online.. got mine yesterday over the mail, and boy it is one ugly clunky boots. the tacky orange hue on the side does not make it any better.. tried it on with raw denim, and felt...
. price drop to $111.15 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by Urijah1086 Polo: this Polo is making me wish I had not just bought a j.crew. great looking coat. did you find it online?
new w/tags Size 40 Fidelity Pea Coat. Dark Navy Blue, satin lined, vented back. It is too slim for me but a 42 worked perfect. $117 - $111.15 shipped within US $100+$17shipping, I will have to check price of anything across the border. measurements: chest, pit to pit 21" sleeve, shoulder down 25", arm pit down 18" between shoulder seams 16.5" total length 33"
Quote: Originally Posted by mossrockss Not that anyone cares, but I love my Fidelity satin-lined peacoat. Bought it last winter, put about $50 of tailoring into it to slim it down. Best coat ever. Quote: Originally Posted by Epik Fidelity one looks great, Moss. Definitely worth the money spent at the tailor. People don't pay the tailor for nothing. The stock images of the Fidelity pea coat and pea coats in general aren't...
Quote: Originally Posted by pat pearson I have attached two photos of my boots in the rust color I just got last month. They are absolutely brilliant. Walked 5 miles in them the other day and have never worn a shoe more consistently comfortable. Didn't have to break them in at all. I sized down a whole size ( as recommended) and they fit perfect. They looked pretty pimp next to the rucksack so I had to include a shot. Cheers, ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Yes I am. This is a continuation of a test that started with a pair of original 1K boots. You can read it here. In that thread I stated that I did not think the sole would survive. That assumption was proved wrong after nearly a year of abuse. Even though the soles are smooth slipping has not been a problem either. The mud around here is hard clay and it gets a layer of peanut butter slop over it. My lugged boots slip...
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