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Quote: Originally Posted by joshuakarjala I just got a black pair of Addison 1000-mile. They are gorgeous. But I don't think I would dare wear them somewhere they could get scruffed up. Want to get the LL Beans' for heavy wear in the woods and dirt. I fit the wolverines perfectly with a 12D - what should I go for with the Katahdins? size 12D. you should send me some photos of your new black addisons to help convince me to get a pair. please
. how i wish the addison wing tip would've been just a simple toe cap like this. It just fits perfect. I do not really see any problems with your boots, but another picture online from a well know store has boots that have a horrible color blotching on the vamp. I have no idea why they used that pair of these for the photos.
Brown 11 boot sold Black 10 back up for sale. sold on ebay, but its been 5 day and buyer has yet to reply.
. why don't people read the thread? seems the logical thing to do if you want some info on a product that is the subject of the entire thread. you may find such answers and pictures just a few pages in to your journey
Quote: Originally Posted by habitant I will take the black ones for 180 if you're interested. Quote: Originally Posted by habitant not interested in selling them to me? not at your price
. drop to $210 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by dinogj Just came back from a rather "outdoorsy" weekend in West Virginia wearing only my katahdins. They survived a spot of impromptu mountain climbing, at least 10 miles of hiking in rocky terrain, a WVU football game, getting stomped/vomited on at a bar, having hot .45 casings fall on them after a spot of shooting (The GF is a gun enthusiest), driving 14 hours, tromping through mud and cow poop, climbing two trees and kicking...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal_1 is it just me, or do the 1000 Mile boots have a funny leather smell to them? smells like dirty socks to some extent or wet suede it is just the chromexcel leather. it was the first thing that i noticed when i opened the box, smelled exactly like leather on my J.Crew Indys
. price drop to $199
. shameless plug, but someone should buy my 1000 mile boots so i cans gets my right size. please
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