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damn that inseam on the PBJs, i would buy them
pointer brand slim jeans? please pm me a few pictures of these
[quote=abeezy21;4270974 Hi , back up for sale is a almost new pair of PBJ xx-013. These have been soaked once and worn something like 3-5 times. No fades , rips , stains ... great condition. The quality and detail on these jeans are 2nd to none. Only reason Im selling is the fit is a little too slim for my taste These measure at 17.5" waist across and 33.5" length 200 dlvd conus[/QUOTE] was it a hot soak or cold?
Heed my word... be very careful with this, the alcohol will immediately remove whatever top layer of dye on the shoe leather if you accidentally get some on it . I am the test dummy so no one else has to suffer the same result Quote: Originally Posted by triumphman I've heard that applying alcohol will remove the polish....
Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt has anyone fucked with a pair of red wing iron ranger hawthorne (the rough cuts) without dubbing them? the guys at the RW store had a beat up pair that looked sick with denim indigo all over it and kinda dirty.... i was thinking about kopping... i have too many boots already though also he recommended going down .5 size from the regular IRs since they stretch alot. I am a 11 in IRs and GTs (beckmans) but 10.5 in...
Just curious, is anybody actually buying these Indys from this thread? Are people bumping it to claiming sizes the only thing keeping it going? . I too am interested in a pair, but the thread seems dead. Maybe I should PM the original poster instead of contributing...
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Price drops. Still have a bunch more jackets and shirts to add some time soon. what kind of jackets?
. drop to $247
Quote: Originally Posted by mill1045 I wish the black 1000 mile boots above were 11! . they fit like an 11 or bigger. Definitely bigger than your Montagues .
. i am selling my unworn black 1000 miles if anyone is interested .
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