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. Engineers for $146.99 shipped
i can't believe you are selling these. I wish we could make them 10.5D
if you could post measurements that would help immensely.
. 1000 mile sold Boondockers sold Engineers still here
selling a pair, black size 10.5 if anyone is interested
. Wolverine 1000 miles boot, size 10.5, great shape, treated once with obenaufs. sold WWII impressions U.S.M.C boondocker ]boot, size 10, brand new with tags. sold Frye Brando Engineer boot, size 10.5, great shape. sold [
thinking of letting these go, size 10.5.
Quote: Originally Posted by 100 yrs here are my 1000 miles after having a rubber sole applied. $27 and an assurance i won't slip walking the forever wet seattle streets. this is real nice. I wish I had a trustworthy cobbler near me so I could do the same to a few. Also, how are you getting a shine on these. My fist pair bought when first released were black, and the leather was more rigid with a bit of a luster that would come back...
damn that inseam on the PBJs, i would buy them
pointer brand slim jeans? please pm me a few pictures of these
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