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somebody stole your speedhooks
^^ Those are great looking boots, but I can't figure out why anyone would get a block heel on a pair of White's. My opinion still hasn't changed in the few years the option has become available. I have walked around in a lightly broken in pair with the block heel, and absolutely could tell the difference between them and my other White's with standard heels. It was not a good difference. I wonder if the folks at White's just shake their heads when an order for a boot with...
I have a question for you fine chaps. Anyone with a pair of cotton lined 405s experience an increasing squeakiness in the boot uppers? It has almost gotten to the point of not wearing them because of the loudness especially going down steps. They are in great shape so that can't be the issue. I have never owned the leather lined version so I didn't know if this was common throughout. Any tips for fixing? Also, I know I have seen it here, but can someone point me to advice...
Sure wish we could get those Red Wings here, in America.
bump this
updated and prices dropped
Both pair brand new. First pair leather lined Danner Mountain Trail Stumptown edition size 10.5E. Second pair is Gor-tex lined Danner Mountain Lite size 10.5E. asking $216 shipped for either pair, or $200 and I will calculate shipping for you. both sold
Have these been hot soaked?
you have put some wear into them, i remember when you got them on here. I almost bought them myself. Wish they were 10.5
how is the fit on these? this whole sizing down thing has me confused
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